What was your first PC's name?

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Xhoral Fahrliss, human wizard.

His claim to fame was defending a castle under seige, first by (accidentally) using a wand of lightning bolt to kill the enemy leader. Then, by lowering the drawbridge.

No, really! It actually worked. Let part of the enemy force come over the drawbridge, then cast web, followed by burning hands. Instant barbeque. :D


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Privateer said:
Oooh, I can remember what he was named AFTER... the big bird thing with the antlers... whatever that was. Can anyone help?

Darn tasloi. ____ (whatever his name was) was a nice cleric, too...

That would be a Peryton


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Veandercult Trochspacous

Started as a Raistlin type in 1988 for me. Though I hadn't read Dragonlance yet. But my intent was to make him evil someday. No clue why anymore, but he DID end up becoming the great evil spellslinger of my homebrew world. He had a son, who becomes the great hero. Yes, yes, Star Wars must have been in my subconscience then, though I don't remember it as such.



I was first introduced to AD&D by my two cousins, who brought their books over to our house one summer day (they lived like an hour away) with a homemade dungeon and an assortment of pregenerated characters. So my first PC was not one that I had created myself, just one that I chose out of the available batch. He was a druid named Jon (real original, I know, but they had named the potential PCs as well), and I chose him not because I liked druids in particular, but because a) he was a human, and I didn't want to be anything "sissy" like an elf or a halfling :), and b) his stats didn't completely suck. (They had created a random number generator to determine the potential PCs' stats, only instead of randomly determining numbers from 1-6 and adding them together, they just randomly determined numbers between 3 and 18. So the PCs we had to choose from had quite a few 3s and 4s...I think Jon's lowest was a 6. After the game was over, we had a little discussion about bell curves...)

Anyway, it was a simple little game: we woke up in a dungeon and had to find the way out. Our first encounter was with 4 giant rats, and I had Jon run away at full speed (it seemed like a logical response), until my cousins informed me that was somewhat of a breech of adventurer etiquette...

Good times. I don't have Jon's character sheet, though.



Serpentus Reptileon, human cleric.

After I got over my snake phase and realized how silly the name was, for a lawful good character, I swiftly changed his name to Serrus Rylon.


Bard 7/Mod (ret) 10/Mgr 3
Max Votar. 1st level fighter from the red box D&D. Got nailed by a gelatinous cube in the Keep on the Borderlands. Spring of '83.

He's still running around the campaign-in-my-head - but a lot more bad-arse since 3rd edition came out. :)


Doomdark, LE Human Wizard (based off a character from the old Lords of Midnight computer game).

played him for many many years he ended up a 25th level wizard and lich.

Has since been ported over to become a Campaign bad guy for my 3e FR campaign.


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Quinn, an OD&D human thief, level 26.

There were earlier ones, but that is the only which has survived.

My brothers character was another OD&D character, Qualidor a dwarven cleric.

-Angel Tears


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I can't remember the first D&D character. I think I was in the 3rd grade and had the old red box sext for D&D. I know that he was a Cleric though. We only had the patience to play one game, and I think I died anyway. The first campaign character I remember was when I was a freshman in highschool. It was a West End D6 Star Wars campaign and his name was Alexander Pylar. He was based off the rebel pilot template, and became a jedi (Now that's never happened before!)


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My first character was Sir Rollo the Red :D I have a vague recollection that the name was inspired by Sanford & Son.

How embarrassing!

I was in fifth grade and we were playing 1e AD&D. There's no way that character sheet still exits, after all, it was only half of a sheet of notebook paper.
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James the Silent of Darkwood.

Basic D&D (the old Red Box set) Thief. I used to have the sheet until it was thrown overboard from an Aircraft Carrier when I was in teh Navy...


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Elaisias Vaeronshraive....I so still have his character sheet,he was my first character ever in Adnd and I made him a raistlin rip off I confess. What can I say I was in love with raist and the world of krynn.


Well, the first time I ever got to PLAY D&D (other than DM it) was in 1987 or so. :eek:

The character was an Elven Fighter/Magic-user/Thief, and like 50% of all D&D players everywhere, I cannot remember his name.

The SECOND AD&D character I played was a Half-orc Fighter/Cleric by the name of Grizzle Greasyguts (inspired by a computer game from the 1980's. He lasted for all of three sessions, and was never played again.

He lives on, somewhere in my homebrew campaign, as a worshipper of the war god, as a real rotten bastard, and as an ultimate survivor of all hard luck and the tyrannies that life threw him. :)


Tsunami said:
Henry the Paladin. Great guy.

Of course. :)

Defeated some Skeletons on the beach, met a very nice Neutral Evil female half-elf thief (this was AD&D), and defeated an ogre and some goblins.

Now, wait a minute, I never went near...

...er, I mean, that's a very interesting character you had. :)


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My first character was a wizard named Balcathor. Brown book D&D and created in 1975. Still have the character sheet.

He is now a 27 level wizard and I still play him very occasionally now and then.

I kept ALL of my characters since 1975. The character roster is now 87 characters ranging from 4th - 30th level. All played from 1st level. All converted to 3E D&D.

Damn near have a character for every occasion.

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