What was your first PC's name?


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Post your "first" PC to this thread under Rogues Gallery!

I created a thread in the Rogues Gallery forum for those that would like to take this a step further and post their "first" ever PC's stats, converted to 3E. Of course, if you want to include his or her stats from an older version as well, I don't think anyone will mind.





Darn it, I always write rouges instead of rogues. Ah well, spilt mil and all that.
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Wow that was a while ago (20+ years) but hey, I'll never forget him! He was a Human Ranger turned Dwarf by the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, "Hawkshield" was his name. I eventually retired him at a ripe old age (in gaming years not Dwarf). And for the record my next character was a 1/2 Drow assasin by the name of Grimslade Sullet. He was evetually killed in the "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks".


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starwolf said:
That would be a Peryton

Ah, thanks :D

But don't you think that makes an awsome name? Kinda sounds like an evil clerk... "Mister Peryton, please come to the front torture room observance window... Mister Peryton, to the front torture room observance window."


House Ruler
Valikra Odusdoter. She's my avatar. I no longer have her character sheet, but she was a half-elven fighter/mage who evolved into "The Red Mage" and became "The Bloody Mage" when she created the School of Blood Magic.

She is now an NPC, founder of The Kyrian Confederacy, The Sanguine Mage.


In 1979 my first game I was told that I *had* to roll up a dwarf since they had a dwarf *penciled into the marching order*!! :)

I name my dwarf Gimli since it was the only non-Disney dwarf name I knew. using the PRincon variant of D&D he ended up with a 19 Strength and a 3 Charisma. First thing the party did was fight a barrow wight, of all things and loot it's barrow. Gimli ended up with a +2 mace at first level. He ended up being a F6/Thief6 and I did my best to live down to the Charisma.


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My first character I ever created was a minotaur (We were in the fourth grade and we somehow acquired the dragonlance supplement) but he died in his first encounter via a magic two handed axe. I can't remember his name, but he only lasted an hour so I suppose it doesn't matter, but I do know he was a thief with 9 dex, who wanted to be a paladin but as he rolled stats (3d6 down the line) he only had a 14 charisma.

My second (and third) characters was a halfling fighter named "Logan" and he had a twin brother, "Warblade" (from Wild C.A.T.S the comic), and he actually lasted a year or so before the campaign came to a crashing halt.

My first character - the first I can remember at any rate - was a half elven F/MU called Celebdraug - it was Tolkenien elvish for Silver Wolf.

I was really inspired by the demonstration character from the original Red Box (with the Erol Otus cover) - Morgan Ironwolf.


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It was just Bob the Thief. Through paper DnD and then through Dungeon Hack. Then I played Pladium(sp?) and he became Bob of the Old Kingdom. Now he is just Bob O. Kingdom for DnD.


My first character was a Human Fighter called "Tomax" usimg the AD&D 1st ed game, after my very first game ever (using the above character) I went out and bought the Red Box set, (I did'nt know that the game was different).

The next weekend I show up at my DM's house and proudly show it to him...:D I was crushed when I found out that I could'nt use it in his game, but that did'nt bother me I just started DM'ing for my brother and a couple of his friends using the Red Box and later I bought the Blue Box (cos' I could not find the AD&D game anywhere).

So you could say that I started gaming with both D&D and AD&D, needless to say it was a bit confusing :confused: but I figured it out.

If you want a confusing game try playing "Lords of Creation" that game system did'nt last long before we went back to AD&D

Greybar said:
Bless you for the thread. You made me dig out my old, bright orange three-ring binder from high school. The pages are yellowed but the memories remain.
. . .
Now next to that character sheet is pseudocode for a simplistic means to find prime numbers. Go figure.

That's funny, I found my old character sheet in a metal file box, in a folder right next to computer code for my VIC 20 (creating random abilities for Marvel SuperHero (tm) characters).




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Percivilis L'enfant
Male Dwarfen fighter.

Perci died killing Ember(Red dragon) on Krynn with a flagpole we thought was a Dragon Lance. I stabbed the dragon and it landed on me and crushed me.

Our group still talks about it.


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haiiro said:
Do you remember your first character's name?
Indeed I do. It's the same as my ENWorld username - Mirzabah.
haiiro said:
And if so, do you still have the character sheet?
Sadly, no. Mirzabah was a dwarven fighter with an axe first, ask later attitude, which is pretty much what did him in in the end.
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Well, my first character was a human necromancer named ...

Odd Toppsy

He was slightly odd. I took him from level 1 in AD&D to level 17 in 3e. He was a blast.


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My first memorable character was a human thief (such as rogues were called back then) named Tipsy Featherfoot. I had a few years DM'ing before then, though.


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Klattu Machiavel. He was a half-drow abjurer. Now he serves as Master of Exposition and Occasional NPC in the party in my epic campaign.

Demiurge out.

Issalzul Syde

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My first was a human fighter, 2e
Named Issalzul Syde. :D
Nicknamed Redblade, due to his love of rubies.

He actually was the only one to survive the whole 2-year campaign with only being revived once by a deity.
The last we saw of that fighter, he was overlooking the orc horde after he dispatched the great red wyrm.
He'd just got five charecter's worth of artifact-level eq. (due to him being the only survivor of the wyrm attack, by luck) :p
My DM had a car accident shortly after (god rest his soul), so we never finished the game.
I still got the sheets somewhere.

Since then i've made Issalzul my alias for games and such.

The 3e Issalzul is a monk who wields two warfans.
He's well-liked by the gods ;)
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