What was your first PC's name?


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Issalzul Syde said:
My first was a human fighter, 2e
Named Issalzul Syde. :D
Nicknamed Redblade, due to his love of rubies.
I still got the sheets somewhere.

Cool, you should write up a converted set of 3E stats for your old 2E version and post him under the 'First" PCs thread I created in the Rogues Gallery forum. The link is at the top of this page.



p.s. I just finished posting the 3E version of my original PC.
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Osbourne, a human Cleric, named for Ozzy, who was at the time (81-82 or so) just starting his solo career.

We were all rock and roll fans back then, so the party also included:

Steen the Mage (for Bruce Springsteen)
Angus the Fighter (for Angus Young of AC/DC)

I don't remember the name of the character that my friend's sister played, but it was foofy and Tolkienesque, and therefore forgettable. Damn did I have a crush on her, though! She was my first kiss, during a game of spin-the-bottle (the girl, not the character).

The character sheets are long gone, a fading memory.

Now I'm all misty...

Oreon Starfall

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I remember my first D&D Character.

Vincent "Vinny The Elf" Coltello - an elven thief who was in the "mafia" of our starting location. He was not a happy elf, and was responsible for mor party deaths than most NPCs. He was retired to the BBEG's assassin's guild after about 8 months of play.

I don't know where his sheet is, i spent a night looking for it not too long ago when I got the itch to convert it.


Omath the Wight Slayer, 6th level Half-Orc Fighter!

He had a magic talisman that meant his first attack always hit, whilst the foes always missed! wicked. In retrospect it was somewhat unbalanced! ;-)


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My first character ever (Dragon Knights, or Dragon Warriors, was the name of the game) was an assassin named Maeglin. We had absolutely no imagination for names, and in the party, we had a Telchar (elementalist), a Yavanna (cleric), and other names ripped from the Silmarillion index. Don't have the sheet anymore, but anyway, I was not going to play him again (moved across France, had to find new gaming group).

My first D&D character was a 3e gnome wizard. Her names ? By alphabetical order, Avecine Balanim Carnamade Castelline Fernottine Nivaïl Lorelette Sélanil Valnip from the Fetnor clan.


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Fleetwood von Jarden III

A Fighter in the old red Basic set...

Went all the way to Lvl 36 (which was the max)

I was 10yrs old, and if anybody says I cheated to get the top, I'll punch you in the nose!


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Tom Trotsvoet, he was my first and one of my favorte chars. 2nd edition halfling thief (back when thief were rogues and halflings had furry feet). Trotsvoet means Proudfoot, so the names wasn't entirely original.
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My first character was a straight cleric in 2nd ed named Zenyx. Don't ask, I don't remember how I came up with the name. I do still have the character sheet, that campaign just died but the character never did. It was in the Forgotten Realms and our DM loved to use the existing Realms NPCs all the time. I ended up trapped and separated form the party for some reason and I came face to face with Fazoul Cembryl (sp?) and his Beholder lackey. This was at 2nd or 3rd level and all I as a first time player could think of was survival. So when he asked who I worshipped I asked if I recognized his symbols and bam I became a priest of Cyric. I even had a Nightmare for a mount and a Bag of Bones (threw them out and they became skeletons). That was cool, especially commanding undead.


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I love this nostalgic crap...

25 years ago, using the OD&D Red Box, my character was a Halfling named Gobo Pepperthorn. I would often forget his first name, as would the other players, and as such was often called Bobo, Gonzo, Bogo or whatever seemed right that adventure.

Alas, Gobo died bravely at 5th level, protecting the heir to the throne of the Elven Kingdom.



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heh...Glad to see that I'm not the only old guy here ;)
First character was Darcon, human wizard made in 1980, AD&D. I played him up to about 14th level "fair" and then the guys I played with went on a munchkin frenzy and we ended up taking on gods and ended up at 100th level. heh...now that was MUNCHKIN power :D


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Red box dwarf named Dragon Breath. I was 7 or 8 and the DM (a friend's dad) said to come up with a personality for our characters, so I chose really bad breath.

..he wouldn't let me have a breath weapon, though--I really wanted his breath to be mortally bad. That was his only adventure.


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Basic D&D it was the late 80's I was maybe 13. We had to roll our attributes in order on 3d6, but we could re-roll as much as we wanted. So I had a page of paper coved front and back trying to get 6 numbers above 10. Ended up playing a Halfling with 19 DEX and a 3 CHA, we thought this meant he was ugly so the GM gave me a magic mask that made me invisible whenever I put it on. Thus his name was Mask.

Move forward a bit, convert to 2e, and move to a world without Halflings so the Gods turned me into an elf. I come across a deck of many things. Mind you I'm only 2nd or 3rd level. The GM actually had a deck of cards and I drew all but the last card and managed to overcome all of the adverse effects, using up all my wishes in the process. Walked out side and handed the Void card to a suspicious guy standing in front of my house who happened to be a demon who was my extra plainer enmity. Mask then went Spell Jamming for a wile and ended up in the Forgotten Realms where he has a small Keep.

Now I have converted him to 3e and he is 6th level and has an intelligent long sword, oops rewrite that, rapier named "Askit", form the deck of many things. He lives in a keep and goes by the much more appropriate name of Reln Darkmoon of Darkmoon Keep. The "Darkmoon" is a Black Pearl in a falcons claw he wares that is unbeknownst to him a luck stone.

One of Relns short time companions was a Dwarf by the name of Foulest Bungerhole, and another by the name of Gouda Mizithra, talk about a cheesy name.


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Destro. :cool:

it was my 13th birthday, and i was still really into GIJoe, my first love (before the X-men, before D&D, before the internet...)


A 2nd Edition dual classed Fighter/Mage named Xannax. I thought it was spiffy because it was the same spelling backwards and forwards. Sometime later I saw that the name...minus one of the n's...was being used for some type of perscription drug. I'm not sure if thats a good or a bad thing...


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My first ever character didn't have a name, it was a 400 hp level 1 fighter in module S1 run by a step cousin. I got all the way to the end and he just told me it was over and the character died without rolling anything. I thought that was a stupid game so didn't bother to consider D&D for another year...

So it's 1982 and I just got home with my new copy of the D&D boxed set.

My older brother by three years (making him 14) volunteers to run it for me and I make a character.

I'm sitting there trying to figure out what to name my elf, and my brother suggests a name he says is very elf like.

H e r p e s.

Sure whatever... guess that sounds like an elf. I write it down and go off to get killed in a rockslide on the way into B2...

It was a few years later before I got the joke he'd played on me...


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My first ever character was a 2e elven mage/theif named Kestrel. She was for a horribly generic dungeon crawling pre-fab game. But I suppose everybody's first game is horrible.

In an episode of drunken madness, she and my second character, Kestrel--a Kender, were merged in a terrible transportation-gone-awry. For 2 game sessions only, I actually played a half elf/kender. She (or I suppose "they") have been retired to the folder of things-best-forgotten. However, I do still have the character sheets.


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My first character was a 1E mountain dwarf fighter/thief named Morri Greybeard. Somehow, I managed to get him to 14th/16th level without getting him killed once, although he went through losing several entire sets of gear and magic items. I still hhave his old orange, soda-soaked, grease stained character sheet! :D

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