What was your first PC's name?

Wee Jas

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I can't remember the first D&D character. I think I was in the 3rd grade and had the old red box sext for D&D

Me too.. I had a character named Warlock for basic... no clue on what he was though..

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Started in the early 80's and my first one I remember is Pyro...picture human wizard in black with a wand of fireballs in Hommlet :eek: .

He was not liked very much by the town folk. :D


Alva Shadowflight...Drow Thief from AD&D.

Of course it was munchkin game from hell (we were 12), he managed to get a wish and became a human (just like Gord, who I was reading about at the same time)


edit: Just remembered his correct last name
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mystraschosen said:
Elaisias Vaeronshraive....I so still have his character sheet,he was my first character ever in Adnd and I made him a raistlin rip off I confess. What can I say I was in love with raist and the world of krynn.

ditto on that...Viscasi Spellweaver....i saw the words "Viscosity breakdown" on a bottle of Valvoline and thought that would be a cool name....

First character I remember, using the Red Box rules (well, most of them): Iron Fist the Thief, Conquerer of the Caves of Chaos AND the Keep on the Borderlands. Like I said, we knew most of the rules :)

And yes, I still have the sheet -- along with pages & pages of maps, characters, new monsters (along with art), weapons, classes, etc. that my brother, a friend, and myself made -- most of which never got to see a "proper" adventuring party.

(And here I was, trying to think up new ideas for my campaign.)


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My very first character, I remember him well (though not his name). I got introduced to roleplaying through a Hongkong Action Theatre game. Game got forgotten very fast. About 10 minutes into the session after my character 's first action, the DM exclaimed: "you've ruined my game, you did something I had not planned for"

My second was a superhero (actualy I rolled a stupendous character which turned out to be a god) but also got forgotten very fast. (hint: DM was same as for char one)

My third was another forgotten case, a WFRP character. This game got booted because... (nope, DM was somebody else but the rest of the folks were from that same group as one and two)

My first proper character was Reinhold Gottesfrieden, a judicial champion who would become the chosen of Sigmar in the "Enemy behind the Throne" campaign (WFRP).

My first DnD2e Character was Ishkla Waterbirch, a wood-elf wizard-thief who roamed the world seeking the killers of his tribe (he and his twin sister were the sole survivors until the sister got eaten by warhounds [her own stupid fault for falling out that tree, what was she doing in that tree in the first place])


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Falthou, the Lawful Halfling. I was 6 years old, playing in my older brother's OD&D game.

Alas, he was slain by Shadows. TPK. RIP.



Narak Nurtha a dwarf in my friend's Warhammer Fantasy Role Play/DragonLance campaign (well, it was DragonLance using the Warhammer Fantasy Role Play rules). Started off as a beggar and ended up a Baron (working on the wrong side I might add!).

IIRC that campaign last 5 years!


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Dungannon the Daring. Started out as a human thief in Basic D&D, was converted & advanced to a thief-acrobat in 1st ed. AD&D, then retired at 8th level. I have no idea what happened to his character sheet, though.


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Maboli was a Magic User from 1e AD&D. He had 3 hit points and died almost immediately after casting his magic missile on a fire beetle who in turn bit him, thus slaying him. I cried ( I was maybe 6 or 7) but my older brother (the DM) let me continue by playing the fighter hireling, Thor, whom I had just hired. Thor lost an arm to an evil statue in the same adventure but otherwise survives to this day at 11th level. He eventually regained his arm.

I resurrected Maboli recently in 3e but have yet to play him. His demise demented him and now he is neutral evil instead of neutral good....

Kevin Chenevert


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Hmmm, as I remember my first pc was a Dwarven Hearthwarrior named Beckett Stormm. He was a Basic D&D Red Box Dwarf. I cant find his charsheet, I wish I could, those were the days! :D


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Keith the First of many Keiths

My first PC's name was Keith, a Half-Elf Ranger who made it to 2nd level before the party got eaten by some creatures I forgot, but I was the leader and refused to pay their toll, we fought, and I lived, and then payed the toll for my own character and walked into town. It was fun, though I always envisioned him going out to search for the woman he lost, a beautiful healer.

Anyway that is my story.
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Groman Lathea the King Thief. He was some gawd awful multiclass munchi monstrosity from 1980. Kept around as an not very interesting NPC in my homebrew. I still have a copy of the character.

His most embarrassing claim to fame was he had the Artifact Johydee's mask.

Live and learn.

Silver Moon

Oni said:
You could have done a lot worse for a namesake, though I was always partial to Skywise myself.

OK, well my first character was an elf named Skywise, obviously taken from Elfquest. He is an elf cleric, and I played him regularly in that group for eight years. I still have the original character sheet, and last played him three years ago at that group's 20th Anniversary Game.

My first character's name was Tropicana. I was 13, he was a hobgoblin, and the Monster Manual said hobgoblins had orange skin, so...

Keep in mind this was a group that spawned characters named Giggles the Paladin, Squeaky the Dwarven Bard, Bambi, Mojo, Ringo, Wart, Liver Fluke, Gordon Lightfoot, Metallica, John the Duke of Wayne, and others that escape me at the moment.

We were very, very silly. :D


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Bless you for the thread. You made me dig out my old, bright orange three-ring binder from high school. The pages are yellowed but the memories remain.

The first character worth remembering was Farendil, an AD&D magic-user/fighter. His level was apparently 12(13)/9 though I don't know what the parenthetical level was. Alternate Lord of the Rings world during the end of the Third Age.

Apparently I had a broken harp. There is a huge note for me, reminding me DO NOT PLAY THE HARP.

Ah, what a campaign that was. The first GM that I would now properly call a Rat Bastard...

Now next to that character sheet is pseudocode for a simplistic means to find prime numbers. Go figure.



World of Kulan DM
Spears, half-orc hero

My first PC was a half-orc simply called Spears. He was raised by a tribe of halfling-like demihumans, a race I call the Tigé, that live a wild, wandering existance.

He started out as a fighter in 2E and is now one of the heroes of legend in my Time of Ages campaign known as the Lions of Malecade. In 3E, he is a 11th level fighter, 9th level cleric.

His favorite weapon is a wild magic-shaped dagger known simply as The Blade, which also transformed him into a half-elf for a time. He rode a giant cat mount early on in his life, which died fighting, as the two of them fought against a surprise assault from a band of evil humanoids.
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Prince Atom

My first ever character was a wood elf ranger named Olfar. The group promptly dubbed him "OldFart" and proceeded to heckle him gently ("Woody" was a favorite epithet).

My first ongoing character was in Palladium FRPG. We were just having fun on Saturday nights, boy am I nostalgic ... anyway, this second character was a knight by the name of Sir Chad. We played through three semesters of college. By the end of it, Sir Chad was the sole original character; others had retired or been blown up by a room full of explosive glyphs, or devoured by carnivorous beetles or simply rent limb from limb. Sir Chad was still there, a little the worse for wear (his IQ had suffered from near-death trauma) but still plugging away.


No one else has lasted me that long.... and both Olfar and Sir Chad have become NPCs in my various games. My College-level group instantly dubbed Olfar "OldFart" and proceeded to heckle him gently....



I've seen a few combinations of this, so I wonder if it's from the same source.

Dirk the Daring.

Yep, took it straight from the good ol' Dragon's Lair video game. Ahh, the memories. Human Fighter, of course.

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