What was your first PC's name?


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My first character was a fighter named Griff the Great who I started playing when I was 4. I only remember because I was talking with my older brother about the good old days during one of our game sessions and he somehow remembered. That was a long time ago.
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Blackleaf ;)

(not really: I just couldn't believe that no one said it)

My first character ever was when I was 10, and was a gnomish mine detector for a group of high schoolers... that is to say, I was joining in the game as they were trying to figure out how to get into a room that was pretty dangerous, so they rolled me up a gnome, and sent me in. I was mulched in pretty short order.

My next character was a very clever gnomish illusionist who (with the GM's complicity) they believed was a rogue. The next room they sent me into, I was invisible, and I sent an illusion of me in. Seeing that it was safe, they all went in after 'me' and got mulched.

The next character that I have any memory of, before I started GMing almost all the time, was Silverleaf, a female elven paladin with a unicorn for her mount.

Yeah, pretty lame :D.

Salad Shooter

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Palin Hellfire, human Mage. Never really played him much, as with many of my first characters. Me ol' RPing group changed chronicles/campaigns every session...at that time I only had one character above lvl 1.....not Palin, sadly.


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Entire character history

Human Paladin called: Torvak of the Lake! The character i started out with 10 year ago, i recently found his charsheet after laying in a pile of rubble where it had been for about 8 years.

Then there was Cadmus. human paladin
After that Faramir Redeye, cleric
Then some kind of anagakok frost wizard (yeah, i played an anagakok..)
Some kind of shapeshifter... that was the cleric. Inspired by the Dark Legions game, the picture was the same as the cleric picture.

Then for about 2 years nothing dnd, but vampire and some RPG with cyberware and physical adepts.

Then as 3e started a human rogue called kief the thief, but he died in the underdark so now it's been a halfling cleric for about 2 years already.

Harold Mayo

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1978, third grade.

A fighter who was a hybrid of Basic and AD&D. I remember that he had splint mail, shield, and longsword. He also had a 17 strength.

His name...Torg, son of Torg.

OK, OK...I was young and had just read a book about a caveman named Torg...sheesh....


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My first character was a dwarf fighter I created back in my military days (early '78 -- 25 years ago) named Xenon. "Xe" was pretty cool. When he hit 6th level (max for a dwarf back in the OD&D days...) he had one of those double-ended axe / club weapons the Vulcans used in that episode of ST when Spock had to go back to Vulcan and mate or die (7 Year Itch, I think) as well as a couple mithral spiked gaultlets I dubbed "Gloves of Rollerball," a Girdle of Giant Strength and +1 plate armor.

His Con was low -- 7 -- because of an early hackfest where We Da Heroes held a pass against 10,000 orcs. We had something the Spartans at Thermopyle did not -- Tablets of Instant Resurrection, aka "Bromos" -- but he was otherwise a fun character to play

I can reproduce the character sheet almost from memory -- does that count?



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First PC

My first pc was a LG Elf. yeppers thats right just Elf

back from basic D&D, his name is Xorn and he has now benn rewritten in each and evrey version and with each new suppliment that offers some thing cool - - - espsecially now that he has not been played in 24 or 25 years .


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Yeah verily, those were the days.

Nowadays, when I play (I almost always DM) at cons I whip out Son of Xe, aka Xenophon, 8th level dwarf fighter and aspiring runecaster / cleric of Tyr.

I *love* Third Ed!


Sir Hawkeye

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"Mack" 2e D&D elf thief. He later changed his name to "Guy." I was in third grade, okay?

First character that "stuck" is the still active Rale Hawkeye, 11th level half-elf ranger, revolution on a black horse:cool:.

Other memorables from the early days:
Bobo Baggins, halfling thief
Fodoran Fondonson, human cleric

then there was that string of Star Wars themed characters, including:
Hans Olo
Luke Skyjogger
Obi Wankenobee
:eek: Shameful all


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Those Star Wars-themed names brought back some horrible, silly flashbacks that I've spent twenty-plus years ripping from my poor mind...

Nuke Sleepwalker...Princess Lay-ya...Chew'bacco...Dwarf Raider...Ob-one Ravioli, Dead-Guy Knight

Other favorite ODnD character names: Ms. Bette Badass of the A-mace-ing Mace -- a cleric, Haunted Forkwit the semi-insane rogue halfling rogue, Bushi the halfling Samuari, who used a wakazashi as a katana.

I like FUN names for my characters!


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