D&D General What would be the best and worst parts or living in a D&D campaign world?

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Lord of the Hidden Layer
Worst: dragon flies into town and offers choice: hand over all the stuff you spent a lifetime accumulating / making your life more pleasant, or be breath-weaponed until dead.

Best: surprise round Assassin sneak attack with a Sword of Dragon Slaying and rolling a Crit on aforesaid dragon. Be forever conflated with Bard of Laketown from the book of legends.


Gnome Lover
Best: there are enough "half-this" and "half-thats" that something would want to date me (half-gelatinous cube, anyone?)
Worst: I'd end up being the cleric, and nobody wants to be the cleric.
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Best: Awesome magical powers (if you're lucky).

Worst: No toilet paper.
PCs don't go to the bathroom, there is no game mechanic to cover it. Same with needing to eat more than once per day or having to shower. You can live a poor lifestyle and be as healthy as a noble.

Think of all the cool ideas you can bring to the fantasy world and dominate it. All the threads we had on wreaking the economy with continual torches and arrows. You can create guns and bullets or modernize the medical world. If you went there, there are all sorts of processes that can be incorporated. You could revolutionize labor like Henry Ford and crank out mass-produced wagons for cheap.


Worst part: Never getting to use the restroom (because, think about it, nobody ever does).

Best part: Never needing to use the restroom.

(Oh, I see somebody up thread already made this joke).

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