What would you want your DM screen to have?


I'm working on a DM screen project. I'd like to know what ENWorlders would like on their DM Screens. If you could choose anything for a DM screen, what would you choose? What tables would you want? What rules would be covered?

Don't worry about size, just list what you think is important. Feel free to "ditto" if someone else's suggestion, which lets me know another person likes it.

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Until D&D switches to the 'stupid/easy' XP values of 2nd ed (that didn't account for things like hit point variances) and continues to plagerize Rolemaster's level vs CR table, a chart with the CR vs Level table is mandatory.

Dragonlance and Kalamar screens have 'em but that's about it.


I like DC guidelines, a comprehensive condition summary, and comprehensive combat modifier charts.

A "grappling flowchart" would be nice, too.

-The Gneech :cool:


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- Skill DC charts (e.g., Jump DCs, the Diplomacy matrix, etc.)

- Combat modifier charts

- Summaries of the rules for the commonly-used combat "moves" (esp. Grapple and Trip)


A quick "Meat by CR" table, with attack, damage, AC, HD, HP, and likely saves from 1 to 20.

Ditto on the DC guidelines, wouldn't mind some ACs mixed in there as well.


Ditto to the AoO thing. One thing please don't do - don't put every weapon in the SRD on, unless you have a really brilliant idea to save space.


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Hit Points and hardness for weapons and magic items. It does not come up often, but when it does, it's annoying to find. Basic examples + a formula would be fine.

Turn Undead table. Stupid table-based mechanic.

Grapple flowchart = strong ditto!

Dancing nymph. Just because. ;)

Cheers, -- N


I like the suggestions above.

Common DCs.
Unusual combat rules like grappling and turning.
AoO actions.

I love the basic NPC blocks rycanada suggested.

Random Axe

I disagree with the AoO tables. I have a screen now, fully half of it is wasted on "what provokes an AoO and not".

A screen needs to have the cleric turning tables and results. Mine doesn't so I had to add one.

I also added to my screen a list of the different Magic schools (abjuration, evocation, etc) with general explanations of what each school is designed to do, with a few examples of those kinds of spells. This is essential for when a wizard casts Detect Magic and wants to know what school a magic item is glowing in.

Cheers for the grapple flowchart. And why not expand that to flowcharts for all the other special attacks (trip, feint, sunder, bullrush, overrun)? I have a set of 3x5 cards that I wrote out for each of the attacks, so that I could better understand them.

Object HP and hardnesses yes. Monster lists no.

DC guidelines yes. CR, XP and treasure tables no.

Condition summary is a good idea, though I have the Condition Cards by TOGC that does the trick for me.

And I use the weapon range charts as well, to determine a bow's range inc. That stays good.

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