D&D 5E What's in that Closet?


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Sneak Attack Press is excited to announce our latest release: 20 Curious Closets for D&D 5e.

You can get them individually or save 15% as part of the 20 Useful Things bundle.

Furniture is everywhere. Closets, cabinets, and wardrobes are so common that adventurers only see them as a place to search for treasure, if they pay any mind to them at all. But they ignore them at their own peril.

This book presents twenty cupboards and closets you can easily drop into a location in your roleplaying game. Most of these curious closets are not challenges to be overcome, but unusual surprises and weird events

The closets in this book include:
  • Animated Display
  • Ant Kingdom
  • Bookcase of Wonder
  • Broken Trap
  • Buried Greenhouse
  • Changing Closet
  • Cleaning Materials Turned Ooze
  • Copy Closet
  • Dead Mimic
  • Fiendish Stove
  • Ghost Rat
  • Good Nightstand
  • Hidden Entrance
  • Pickled Heads
  • Roper Abode
  • Scroll Cabinet
  • Silverware Beetle Colony
  • Skeletal Janitor
  • Spoiled Potion Cupboard
  • Sweet Smell

Plus five new magic items!


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