D&D General What's some of your favorite pieces of official D&D art from any edition?


Thank you for not putting Aleena up. I don't think I could stand an ugly cry right now. :p
I was going to put this one up to show how I still see halflings, dwarves, and elves.


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There are so many, but I always liked this image. Not so much because the art is good (which it is), but because it conveys the sense of adventure. The protagonists aren't sleeping in comfy beds, they're stuck gods know where during what seems, at least, to be a calm and starry night, taking comfort in their campfire and each other's company. There is no conflict yet and they don't look like they're expecting trouble immediately, but they're obviously up to something.

...and it looks like we just walked in and disturbed their fireside lute-playing, waiting for the "please join in, stranger" or the "get the f**k out before you upset our mage here..,"
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