D&D General What's some of your favorite pieces of official D&D art from any edition?

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How inconvenient
Everyone posting their favorite 1E and 2E art: Make sure to schedule your annual physicals with your doctors.
WTL? I wasn't even born when I first saw my favorite pieces of 1E art!

Speaking of which: Although I remember heaving a sigh of relief when UA and the revised 1E rule books came out (Easley covers), I do think I only felt true excitement when I saw artwork by Timothy Truman.



Just saw this one and love it. I don't think its official D&D but it is Elmore and the description says that's a Gnome Cleric, who looks awesome IMO. It's called "Waiting For Shadamehr"

One thing I always liked was that that image is connected to two others...

The "Shadamehr" referenced in the title of that pic is the guy in this one, "Shadamehr Encounters Baakesh Va"...


...And Baakesh Va, the monster from that one, shows up in "Desert Battle"...


The Ral Partha Sterling Collection diorama of "Shadamehr Encounters Baakesh Va" is something I've been trying to collect for decades...


I love the O'Connor stairs. Those are great.

I also really like this fairly simple one on the inside cover of the Moldvay Basic rules.

I thought that was one of the best drawings of the OG red dragon design that actually followed the design in the 1e MM.

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