What's Your Favorite OotS and Why?


Things have been so serious lately with all the 4E spoilers and lack of new OotS comics coming out. So I feel its time for a thread about classic OotS comics. Please post the link and please tell why it is your favorite.

EDIT: Mine would have to be #386 simply because this is probably the first time I could take Elan seriously (and Thog is wearing a Leprechaun costume).
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For some reason, this one just really tickles my funny bone: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0091.html

I can't really explain why. Just whenever I think of things in OotS that make me laugh out loud, one of the first things that pops in my head is the line "You're trying to kill me you fruit-filled bastard!"

It makes no sense to me, but it just makes me smile just thinking about it. Maybe because I wanted to kill (or eat) those Hostess characters whenever they'd interrupt a cartoon I was watching or appear in an ad in my comic book.

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I don't know if I can pick a favorite one... But these are my top 3, in no particular order:

1: The one with Roy fighting a half-ogre spiked chain wielder. "I thought I smelled cheese."
2: The one where everyone fails their spot checks, and then someone asks about the mounts getting spot checks... And the mounts fail too.
3: When V's raven flies over the bandit camp and you just see hundreds of arrows flying at the poor birdie.


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It would have to be the introduction of Belkar in the On the Origins of PCs Book. Hey, no one said we had to stay with the online strips!

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