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What is your favorite RPG book of all time?


Front Range Warlock
Probably the Call of Cthulhu third edition hardcover by Games Workshop. I used to have six copies of it (one for every player). It's a great book, even if it does suffer from the same binding issues as other early GW hardcovers.

[Edit: Haha! I realized that I'd already answered this question! So, favorite core book: CoC 3rd GW edition. Favorite supplement: Palladium RPG Book II: Old Ones.]
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Most read: D&D 3e PHB
Most "used": Eberron Campaign Setting/Guide
Most educational: Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
Most useful: 3e Cityscape, Frostburn, Sandstorm, Stormwrack
Most inspirational: Stronghold Builder's Guidebook (you can use the ideas for designing the dungeons/strongholds for the bad guys)
All time favorite: Ptolus (3e)
Current favorite: Kingmaker 2e


For me, the Forgotten Realms Campaign book for third edition, followed closely by the Serpent Kingdoms subsetting book, I found both great tomes for inspiration for what could happen during sandbox type play, with little tidbits and hints. The Campaign book is the one book I regret parting with, though have recently got the PDF version at least. While I play 5e now and not third, so the mechanical stuff isn't also useful, all the fluff is still great.


Elder Thing
The Dungeon Crawl Classics Core Rulebook reignited my love to roleplaying games after getting burned out on official D&D stuff. So many issues people complain about in other RPGS (especially WotC-era D&D) are neatly and creatively solved in DCC, up to and including the explicit flexibility to add, drop, or change anything you want in it.

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Fiend Folio for D&D. Was just blown away, yet I really don't remember why.
For Middle Earth, it was Bree and the Barrow Downs. I just really liked the organization of the book.
As far as a creative standpoint, I think Earthdawn and Masquerade really expanded my interests.
As far as adventures go, I have to tip my hat to The Cult of the Reptile God. I think I read it like 50 times as a kid.

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