Titansgrave, the upcoming show from the makers of Tabletop, was announced a short while back. It's an RPG version of Tabletop featuring Green Ronin's Fantasy AGE rules and Wil Wheaton's own Titansgrave setting. Wheaton's blog today talks a little more about Titansgrave and displays a short bit of fiction from the setting.

Find the blog post and fiction here. Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valakana starts on June 2nd. Previous coverage here.


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Not *entirely* sure about this. Sci-fantasy mash-ups aren't really my thing, plus I have no idea about WW's abilities as a DM...but I'm happy to give it a shake (especially since I supported the TableTop KS that funded it!). Also, the player line-up is amazing.

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It's not about his ability to DM. It's about his ability to foster a love for gaming and open people's eyes to games that they're not familiar with. And in this case, he's not championing one RPG but the concept of RPGs in general. saying "Hey, if you play RPGs here's one you haven't seen, but if you don't play RPGs, there's lots of choices." He's doing what he always does. Showing hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike a new option. And whether he is a great DM or not, in this he can succeed.

I'm sure there are people here who have played with not great DMs and loved the game anyway ;)


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I'm seriously wondering what people think about this.
I will obviously have to wait for an episode to see if it clicks or not, but on the surface I think it's brilliant. It will obviously bring much more interest to a system that otherwise would have had a very small niche market.

I wonder what could be done by Hasbro with something like this. There are a ton of actors out there who play D&D. From watching Tabletop there are many of them that people have even heard of. A show with strong production values and great role-players ... I think that would create quite a buzz.

With that said, I will have to wait and see the show to see if it actually works.

So whatcha' think?


I don't know. While I love the Tabletop shows, I am unsure if this is something I would watch. For me, and anecdotally my 5e RPG group of 5, our interests appear to be limited to one RPG system at a time. While I am sure there are many who play many different systems, I suspect that large majority of people playing RPGS are the same, especially my demographic (30-40 yr olds). We simply don't have the time, interest or brain space to allot to multiple rule sets. D&D is what many of us started with and we recognize it in most of its forms.

It is why I believe D&D (and Pathfinder) have always maintained the lion's share of the TTRPG market and will for some time to come. Not that other systems do not bring innovation and improvement (subjectively) but that we love the familiar.

Hence, I don't know if this series will be as popular as it could be. Assuming that is the goal. As a vehicle for getting more people into RPG's, any little bit helps. :)

I hope it is a success, but I can't help wish it was something I was excited to watch.


I'll be interested to see what other genres the AGE system is tweaked for. For instance, I know Green Ronin already has Mutants & Masterminds, but I think it would be cool to have a superhero AGE rules set.

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