D&D General When Nature Calls, And You Have To Weigh The Risk

Here's a scenario for thought consumption.

Leomund's Tiny Hut has been cast, and the party decides to take a rest from adventuring in it. The party has entered a dangerous area filled with all sorts of wandering monsters and unseen hazards, but they are safe as long as they stay inside.

Just as everyone is about to start sleeping, there is a loud sound of flatulence, and the stink of rotten eggs fills the entirety of the hut. There is the sound of disrobing, followed by the sound of leaking fluid, and then more noises. The stink grows stronger and stronger, making it impossible to fall asleep. And then the party's barbarian giggles and lies back down...while the rest of the party regrets ever setting up the hut in the first place.

There is no toilet in Leomund's Tiny Hut, and it's only natural for everyone in the party to relieve themselves before going to sleep. This brings up the unfortunate choice of either leaving the hut, possibly into danger, or to leave the hut altogether for safety in numbers while seeking relief. If someone wakes up in the middle of the night, should they just hold it in, or wake up the others for a "relief trek"?

Perhaps a secondary spell that extends the hut into a second bubble (with a sealed barrier that allows entry but contains odor) is needed: Leomund's Tiny Outhouse.

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Most D&D-world civilizations do not have indoor plumbing, so everyone is going to be used to chamber pots.

As someone has noted, this is a thing Prestidigitation was made for. For sake of not wanting to get into body-humor in my game sessions, I'd just rule the darned spell includes a Prestidigitation effect to manage night soil.


Since you can see outside of the Tiny Hut, and the adventures are probably very familiar with each other, it's not that big a deal to "go" in pairs within sight when there appears no danger at hand.


We tend to not get into this stuff or just assume that everyone goes before entering. Same with being ambushed as you bath in the river or first thing in the morning when you go to the bathroom.


From the movie Envy, PooPoo the mage invention that makes the kingdom lots of GP.

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