When they were young (a.k.a. first level)


Guide of Modos
Just wanted to share a couple icon characters going into my next playtest document. You'll figure out who inspired them easily enough. But let me know how I'm doing with the character concepts, and if the design of the character features looks right.

Merloon.jpgMerloon, level 1
Physical: 8, mental: 10, metaphysical: 13
Skills: cast spell (fire1) 1
Perks: spell implement (spellbook)
Gear: spellbook, walking stick, longsword, cloak, brass brooch, straw hat
Concept:a budding wizard, he learned to create fire almost by accident. Once he discovered that secret, no one could stop Merloon from pursuing other arcane secrets. Someday, he’ll learn to age in reverse, or live forever. He uses his hero points for time-related feats, like initiative or deceive contests to make him seem younger. His firm grasp of magical lore resulted in a certain neglect of social skills, making him abrasive or offensive to some.

Designer notes: Merloon’s player is Arnold. Merloon has done some studying, but at level 1 he’s still an apprentice. His spellbook has some essentials in it, like Armor and Sleep, but his introduction to magic was the flame, so he gets his skill point in that. He carries a longsword for the times when his magic fails him, but he eschews armor since it seems to hinder his spellcasting.

MontanaSmith.jpgMontana Smith, level 1
Physical: 10, mental: 12, metaphysical: 9
Skills: knowledge-scholarship 1
Perks: nick of time
Gear: satchel, whip, fedora, wristwatch, six-shooter
Concept: an archaeologist and professor, he can’t tolerate gaps in the historical record, so he goes out to fill them. Montana’s luck and knowledge will increase over time, but he’ll always be deathly afraid of frogs, and highly vulnerable to women’s charms. He uses hero points to make really lucky dodges, and unbelievable whip-work.
Designer notes: Played by Betty, this level 1 Montana is still working on his dissertation, so his book-smarts are only at amateur level. He’ll probably increase know-scholar to expert level (3 points), and focus on other luck-related features, like the informed or observant perks.

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