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So is the argument that Justin must be abrasive because he was booted from this forum? It's not hard to get kicked off a site. Just don't follow their rules. That doesn't make someone a jerk. Having read a lot of his blog posts and watched a fair amount of Justin's videos, he's definitely in the "sweet and extremely mild-mannered" category.

No, I think Justin is often abrasive in eg his blog comments; pretty much wherever he's dealing with other people. His blog posts & videos are not aggressive though. I'm not actually aware of why he got booted from here; but getting actually-banned from ENW does generally take a fair amount of abrasiveness I think, it's not like RPGNet!

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Morkus from Orkus
Have you not heard about the blackouts, the whole "price the API at ridiculously high cost to drive out the far better competition" thing, the talking-out-of-both-sides-of-his-mouth from the CEO where he says he supports protest but also says he will exploit the moderator code of conduct to force reddits to re-open by removing mod teams that set their communities to Private mode until a mod team arrives that is willing to re-open it?

TL;DR: Steve Hoffman, Reddit's CEO, has been trying to ram through a price hike (up from the current, no-cost) for API usage on Reddit. That they wish to charge for this service is not a problem. However, the price they've set is completely prohibitive to anyone who might want to make a usable third-party app for reading Reddit; it's very clear that the goal is not to make money, but to drive out all competition, so everyone has to use the official Reddit app--AIUI, none of the existing third-party app developers can even remotely afford the new fees.

This is a problem for several reasons that others can explain better than me, but the gist is, (1) there are a ton of moderator tools that depend on these third-party apps which will go up in smoke on July 1 because it would cost the tool creators literally millions of dollars because they get billions of API calls per year; (2) the Reddit official app sucks, and has sucked for years, and hasn't gotten any better despite years of empty, broken promises; (3) the official Reddit app has none of the accessibility features that many disabled users rely on for access; and (4) Steve Hoffman has explicitly and repeatedly insulted the all-volunteer moderators (calling them "landed gentry" for example) and in other ways lied, misrepresented, or talked out of both sides of his mouth. For example, he explicitly said they would not force any subreddits out of Private mode ("going dark," as Private reddits are inaccessible to most people) because protest is vital to the spirit of Reddit....and then only a day later, turned around and started saying that Reddit would remove moderator teams that choose not to come out of Private mode and replace them until they do come out of private mode. And this somehow counts as supporting protest.

It's a PR disaster not dissimilar to the WotC/OGL thing.
Wow. That sounds downright horrible. I don't do Reddit at all, so I had no idea.


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