ZEITGEIST Where exactly are the traps in Book2, Two Fronts


I feel like I'm going crazy looking for where the traps are for this encounter. This may be a case of we supplied these traps, just put em wherever you want, but I'm used to them being labeled on the map.

1. Where is the center point for the 10 ft.-rad. Dreaming Dust trap? (obviously somewhere that fills "the entrance to her laboratory, but which entrance, and does it go through the entrance/secrete entrance?)

2. I assume the Drowning Tank traps are the two metal looking boxes on the stage, is this correct (and thus I shouldn't draw them on the map)?

3. I can only guess that the Razzle Dazzle trap is related to the glowing yellow balls, but with a 10 ft.-rad., and being singular in its name, I am left to wonder where it is centered.


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  1. I put it just inside the main entrance of the lab.
  2. I put them as two trap doors in the stage at the two "+5" locations (otherwise, how do they get trapped?).
  3. Choose a few clusters. One would be the cluster in front of the stage.
You might want to remove the text in the brackets of the thread title. It might be a bit spoilery.

My intention with the razzle dazzle was to have any of the glowing squares trigger, and set off a cascade as it would trigger the other squares in the burst.

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