Starfinder Where would i look for some good Homebrew?


Especially on Starship Frames
Cuz seriously, i can't seem to find any

Not talking about 3PP, I can't even seem to find any that would be generally Okay. As in Owen/lead designer has his own 3PP and they seem... like really weak options

I wish someone would post the general balancing ideas they have for BP costs or like weapon damage progression in comparison to weapon costs

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You say "no 3PP" but you're going to have to talk 3PP, since Starfinder is running on smaller staff and half the product releases compared to Pathfinder. Owen Stephens is the main designer for Starfinder, now, but he's also 3PP and have released 3PP products like Starfarer's Guide. Many of us 3PP are the same people who create 1st party content for Paizo. I even wrote half the City of Kasai Gazetteer and created the original hand-drawn map of the City of Kasai for The Empty Throne module of the Jade Regent AP, whose authors also run Legendary Games - if you're running 1st party, you're using work by people who also create the 3PP support material. You're not going to see anything official for a good long while, if ever. So you have to consider 3PP.

My options aren't weak.

Well I published Starships, Stations and Salvage Guide by Edward Moyer (under Gamer Printshop, my company name) and it's still the #1 third party product supporting Starfinder at DrivethruRPG - there are 22 new starship frames, 47 expansion bays, dozens of options for every system from AI to Weapons, rules for constructing space stations, new drives, new equipment, space hazards, explosive decompression rules, bestiary of 10 space monsters, and a one-shot module that uses these new rules.

I published Ultimate Vehicles: Vehicle Creation Guide, with options to create over 166,000 vehicle combinations - wheeled, tracked, walking, hover, flying, jumpjetting, watercraft and submersibles.

I published a FREE one-shot survival horror 1st level module called Rude Awakening, highly rated adventure with some level of lethality involved. Zero-G and zero atmosphere environment areas, normal gravity and atmosphere areas, heavy gravity area, combats and leaky space suits.

I published a series of space horror one-shot modules called Dead in Space by Trevor Gulliver, 4.5 one-shots (one is kind of an extended encounter than a one-shot), with a homebrew setting intro.

Coming soon is a Star Kitsune book (setting info), Ultimate Mecha Guide, Rogue's Run (a one-shot that is turning into a full module), Chains of Purgatory (a followup to Dead in Space, which involves a garbage/prison planet), and working on a huge setting, updating my Kaidan setting of Japanese Horror (PFRPG) to an interstellar space opera, cyberpunk and feudal Japan mashup setting, the Kaidan Interstellar Empire of Japanese Horror (SFRPG).


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