Which acrylic paints do you recommend?

There are a whole lot of great paints available these days. It is a great time to be a miniature painter. I use paints from a variety of manufacturers. Some paints will perform better than others depending on your painting style. Do you like to apply the paint thicker or thinner? Some manufacturers have color ranges that are fantastic but other colors in the line might not be as good. Scale 75 has by far the smoothest metallic range I have used and I have been painting since the late 80's.

I would perhaps get a few bottles from some brands that you are curious to try and test them out. Play with them for a bit and see if there is a line that you like best. You may find out (like I did) that there is no brand to rule them all, and end up having colors from several different lines that work well for you. Happy painting :)

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aramis erak

My preference was (back in the early days of the century) Delta Ceramcoat. Works well, and for the price of 0.5 oz of GW, I bought 4oz of Delta. Plus, it's carried at walmart and many ceramics shops.


I've always gotten GREAT results using craft acrylics such as Apple Barrel, Folk Art, CeramCote and Deco Art. Just make sure you use a good primer first.

Note, this is on metal. I've tried it on a few plastic items (repainting action figures, etc.), and the results there are pretty good too.


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I realize this is a bit of an old thread now, but I have tried everything out there. As a casual painter I also like paints that have a long shelf life and don't require me having to use any thinners. In my opinion, there is nothing that even comes close to the quality of the Privateer Press P3 line of paints. I wish they had double the colors available though, but they are exceptional paints.

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I do use the craft paints but I find they don't work as well when you thin them as Vallejo, reaper, etc, do. They are great for terrain and larger stuff though. I've used a couple P3 paints but didin't find them to be anything special and I did have to thin them down with water like the other stuff. Not bad or anything but I'll stick with Vallejo.


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I've been using Vallejo for almost a year, thanks to my friend's advice, I'm pretty satisfied with its quality.

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