Which adventure was your first? Ever itch to play/DM it again?


Our group recently brought up the option of playing B2 Keep on the Borderlands again using the BD&D rules for a one-nighter..just to see if the Elf and Halfling can really take out the Owlbear or Minotaur again. For most of us, it was our first..way back in the early 80's.

What was your first pre-printed adventure and do you ever want to re-live those moments?

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My first adventure I ran was the mini-adventure in the Holmes basic set. No desire there.

My first full-sized adventure was In Search of the Unknown. While some things come back about it, I really have no desire to run it again. Adding references to it in my campaign, and perhaps a sequel, that I would be interested in.

The first time I played D&D, I DM'd Keep on the Borderlands. I don't think I'd like go back again. The nostalgia is warm and comforting, and trying to recapture the experience would be inevitably disappointing I think.

Dog Moon

Against the Giants Silver Edition for 2e. Was a player in it.

I plan on running that at some point in time in the midst of other things. [Fighting that many Giants now just seems boring, even if there are different types].


Keep on the Borderlands. I don't remember a lot about it, but I do remember how back in the day my character was mystically able to carry anything. I still remember writing 42 helmets on my character sheet...


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Search for the Unknown. I've used pieces of it over the years. It had some nice little quirks which I've used. The room of pools and mystic stone have both made appearances over the years.


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The first time I ever gamed we played the Dragonlance Classics module Dragons of Ice. I played a half-elf ranger. I distinctly remember the roof of that inn in Tarsis being ripped off and sivak draconians descending from the skies. I barely remember anything else, as it happened in the winter of 1991 (I was 14).

I ran the module again in the winter of 1997 while I was in college. We were knee deep in the Classics campaign, and I was DMing two separate groups (one at home, the other at school), just like they suggest in the module (and just like it happens in the Chronicles books). We made it as far as Icewall/Silvanesti, and the campaign dissolved after that.

I also remember one of our first modules was Dymrak Dread, which I had the opportunity of dusting off for our new Age of Worms campaign. I had three adventuresome kids from Diamond Lake wander too far from town, close to the "Dymrak Cairn" as I dubbed it, which was inhabited by goblins. The kids were taken as slaves, and the PCs had to save them. They did this in-between visits to the Whispering Cairn.

I love dipping into old modules. I'd REALLY love to run Ravenloft 16/House of Strahd sometime again.
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My first game of D&D was back in 1994. I have no idea what the module was as it was all very new to me at the time. I was in year 8 (the first year of high school in Australia) and of my high school teachers ran it for me and my friends. I'm not even sure whether it was 1st or 2nd Edition (I imagine that it was 2E).

From what I remember it did involve us going into a temple of some sort. I threw some figurines that were in a diorama on the floor and they grew to man size and attacked us. I also remember opening a casket and having a vampire start forming in front of us. Luckily we killed it before it properly materialised/transformed. I also remember someone in the party climbing on top of a statue, causing it to fall over. Everyone was knocked down as a wave of water crashed down from behind the statue. There was also an sword that made me invisible and mummies involved.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? It would be interesting to know exactly what it was that I played through.

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Like so many others, it was B2 Keep on the Boderlands... followed by moving to the "Expert series" with X1 The Isle of Dread. I've thought about both, and I probably would go back to the Isle before I'd revisit the Borderlands.

John Maddog Wright :cool:


As a player...Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. As a DM... Cult of the Reptile God. I have fond memories of an adventure called Treasure Hunt (it was fantasic), but I believe that was later in my 2e days.
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Back when I first started in 1993 (first year of high school), I'm pretty sure the DM made everything up as we went along, but the first published adventure I recall was "Ex Keraptis Cum Amore", from Dungeon.
It took as a while longer to get hold of the original White Plume Mountain...

Everyone had a great time exploring, and the body count wasn't too high (except for one guy). The Illustration book was kinda nice, too!
I wouldn't mind running it myself, to see what I could do with the final battle scene.


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I think my first printed adventure was the one in the Dark Sun campaign book, but I could be wrong. And while I love the setting, I wouldn't run that adventure again. Most of the early adventures I ran were homebrew though - I was at high school with little spare cash for adventures when there were so many other D&D books I wanted .


B1 was my first, with B2 a close second.

I ran both in a short C&C campaign last year (spring 2005). They're still both a lot of fun! :cool:


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My first module to play was Assault on Raven's Ruin. It was a blast, even though my character died from walking into the frog pit room and being beaten into the mud by the giant frog therein.

My first module to run was the Eternal Boundary (Planescape.) It also was a week of pure fun, in spite of the fact that two of the characters involved were chaosmen brothers named Leroy and Chainsaw Buttersworth.


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The first published module I ever ran was after I'd already been DMing a few years - it's hardly time to say I'd gladly revisit it.

The first game I ever ran, though, I typed up into an elaborate module-esque booklet. Return to Kastle Kojark was a remarkable document - it was accidentally a loving tribute to all those nonsensical, trap-and-monster-filled dungeons of the 1e days. A pastiche of Dungeonland, completely unintentionally, because I thought that's what dungeons were supposed to be like.

I'd love to sweep it up to 3.5 compliance and run a Return to the Return to Kastle Kojark someday. See if my jaded and no-longer-middle-schooler players still get a kick out of it.

Demiurge out.

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Ummm. When I started playing there was no such thing as printed adventures :heh: So the first adventure I played in was a homebrew linear dungeon crawl.

The first printed adventure I remember playing in was Against the Giants, and my wizard completely outclassed the fighters in every combat (which wasn't hard to do in 1e, granted).

A 3e version of Against the Giants would be far, far nastier of course.


Keep of the Borderlands. It came with the boxed set, so it got played. Same with Isle of Dread that came with the Expert Set. I'm thinking about revisiting the latter, but I haven't played Keep of the Borderlands in 20 years. My all time favorite Basic adventure was Rahasia. We had a blast with that one.



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The very first adventure I played in was the adventure in the back of the OE Blue and White cover Basic Game...before even the Red Cover game. Something about the dungeon of a wizard whose tower was engulfed in green flame. There was a sun dial in a rool with a carved face on the wall. The carved face had a riddle underneath it. I only remember part of the riddle. "I'll never speak til it be four."

The first one I ran was wither Keep on the Borderlands or a homebrew.

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