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Which adventure was your first? Ever itch to play/DM it again?

Geron Raveneye

My first adventure with a group was the introductory adventure in the Basic D&D Red GM's Manual...and we had a blast.

I used it a few times, usually when I start a new group on D&D. The last time was real fun, with the wizard making abnormally high ride checks to save the cleric from the carrion crawler, who in turn was the only one staying in the dining hall in order to scrape off the yellow mold from the plates into glass vials. :lol:

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I'm one of the realtive newborns around here....I played Sunless Citadel around the time it first came out. I loved that (or I wouldn't still be around) and would love to run it sometime.


The first one I actually played was the Keep on the Bordlands, although my elf haven't endured much. Latter we played a lot of homebrew modules, including the ones I DMed, as we didn't have many modules to play with. Many years latter, I DMed the Return to the Keep on the Bordlands, but I heavily modified it to attend my own tastes. Still, it was a nice experience, although I don't have much memories of the original module.


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The first I played was the mini adventure built into the Red Box set.
The first I DMed was In Search of the Unknown. I will probably use it as a base for a starting adventure for my boys when they are ready.


first adventure i refereed was a homebrewed one. same holds true for being a player.

first published module i used was B1 In Search of the Unknown


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Like diaglo, my first adventures as a player and GM were homebrew ones. The first commercial module I played in was Thieves Fortress of Badabaskor. I recently got it for old times sake and the dungeon portion must have been homebrewed as what I recall was much more extensive than the module. Or it may have been tied into The City State of the Invincible Overlord which we were operating out of.
The first commerical module I used as a GM was The Caverns of Thracia.


I'm not entirely positive :eek: B2 is a good candidate for the first I ran. I think a homebrew was the first I played in. The first published one I played in would have been the dragon magazine with the drow tree fortress.


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Easy as pie.

In Search of the Unknown, although when I went through it I don't remember whether or not it was named that yet or was numbered "B1"

Honestly I wouldn't mind playing it again. DM'ing? No. I have played a NWN CRPG conversion of it though that was pretty good. I think it wa five or six months ago I played it....

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