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Which adventure was your first? Ever itch to play/DM it again?


Michael Silverbane said:
The first adventure that I ran or played in was B2 The Keep on the Borderlands. I am, in fact, going through that adventure right now to familiarize myself with it again so that I can run it for some people who have never played through it.

Be a man and run it with the Basic Set :)


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Mine was B2 Keep on the Borderland. I keep threatening to run it again. I have a feeling it could be done in such a way that the party wouldn't know what adventure it was until it was too late. :]

Mishihari Lord

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Mine was the little adventure in the back of the basic set, the one with rat tunnels and a water exit out the back. I was 10 and my mom was the DM (1980) I tried to run it once ~1988, but I was so overcome with nostalgia that I had to quit about 30 minutes into it.


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As a Player to introduce me to DnD my friends invited me to build a character for "A Paladin in Hell" Only he had to be a Cleric and they still wonder why I kept haveing trouble remembering I could heal them in the fight when the better choice is to "Flame strike" the enemy.
Would i like to play it again yes cause we stopped half way through

The first game I ran was City of the Spider Queen, which i have re-run for 3 groups 2 of which fell apart, and then an evil aligned group that saw it through to the end. I know i didn't get it right though. So once I've had a bit more practice i'll try again if i can find a group



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Lanefan said:
First adventure as a player: a homebrew module called "Nakki-Nakk", which I've since played in again, and DM'ed.

First "canned module" adventure as a player: the lower level(s) of "Bone Hill" (we were cleaning up after a previous party had missed over half the adventure).

First adventure as a DM: a homebrew disaster called "Trey Hill" where expectations all around were low to nonexistent, mainly so I could learn the DM'ing ropes.

First canned module as DM: "Rahasia".

Favourite canned module to play: "Tomb of the Lizard King".

Favourite canned module to DM: "Lost Temple of Tharizdun", but you gotta be ready to die. :]


On re-reading the thread since I first posted I thought this would be an interesting format for all you posters to re-submit info to! :)

So I'll follow this form and maybe someone else will also post by this method....

1st canned module adventure as player: In Search of the Unknown

1st adventure as a DM: In Search of the Unknown (also a "canned module")

Favorite "canned module" to play: I REALLY liked the "Saltmarsh" trilogy....

Favorite "canned module" to DM: I'd have to say A4 - IN the Dungeons of the Slave Lords (the introducing module of the ... MYCONIDS! ... yay!)

Ahem ... pardon me.


How inconvenient
1st adventure: A randomly generated AD&D 1E dungeon, rolled live on the DMG1 tables. Those were the days.

1st canned module adventure as player: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (U1).

The party were taken prisoner by the evil Sanbalet (Color Spray!) and tied up in the cave below the mansion. They only managed to escape after everybody with any Strength to speak of had failed their Bend Bars/Lift Gates check and the magic-user of the party (4% chance) said that he might as well have a go, too...
To this day, I remember the tension when he picked up the dice and the table-wide explosion of joy when he rolled 02%.
Never looked back.

1st adventure as a DM: The Halls of Tizun Thane (Best of White Dwarf Scenarios 1).

Favorite "canned module" to play: Hmm... Tricky, for the various DMs mostly created their own worlds and adventures (stealing things from whatever sources took their fancy as applicable). So although we must have played most, if not all, older 1E and 2E adventures in one way or another, one doesn't really come to mind, although our early sessions in Tegel Manor (JG27) are now the stuff of legend. I also have fond memories of Slave Pits of the Undercity (A1) and Against the Giants (G1-2-3 version; never really made it far into the Underdark), if for the role they played in the lives of my various PCs rather than anything else.

Favorite "canned module" to DM: Tricky again for the above reasons but I do believe this'll have to be The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun (WG4), which I ran a lot for various parties. An excellent module that is clean, very straightforward to run, and has a nice cliff-hanger at the end.
Tizun Thane has also remained a favorite and I ran a long campaign in an area were most of the inhabitants of the two major centers of population frequented by the PCs were more or less lifted straight from The Secret of Bone Hill (L1) and The Assassin's Knot (L2), so I guess these deserve mention.

As to the "pining": If there is any pining to be done, it should probably be for the days of innocence, when everything we encountered and the joy of discovering and exploring aspects of the personality of our PCs was still new.


Small God of the Dozens
Mine was B2 Keep on the Borderland. I keep threatening to run it again. I have a feeling it could be done in such a way that the party wouldn't know what adventure it was until it was too late. :]
B2 was also me. I've run it soooo many times. Way back in the day I had a friend that I'd take turns with running B2 as we tried to master the single character speed run.

More recently I flipped the script B2 and wrote that up as a Trophy Gold incursion. B2 is always there. :D

aramis erak

Our group recently brought up the option of playing B2 Keep on the Borderlands again using the BD&D rules for a one-nighter..just to see if the Elf and Halfling can really take out the Owlbear or Minotaur again. For most of us, it was our first..way back in the early 80's.

What was your first pre-printed adventure and do you ever want to re-live those moments?

Jay h
the old keep in the back of Moldvay Basic. From time to time, I run it... I've run it in Basic (BX, Cyclopedia), AD&D 1E & 2E. I've used it for inspiration in WFRP 1E as well.


B2 in 1981(?), not sure if player or DM. Have run it several times since, ran it in 5e for a group earlier this year and am running it in 4e for another now.


The first Adventure I played, as a player, was the AD&D 1e Temple of Elemental Evil, and the first adventure I ran as a DM was the Keep on the Borderlands.

While I've no particular desire to play/run those adventures again, I'd like to run old school adventures like "Treasure Hunt", "Rahasia!", "Dragonlance Classics" modules, with modern systems, like Pathfinder 2e, Level Up! Advanced Fifth Edition, or Original 5e Dungeons & Dragons, or with quasi-osr systems as Castles & Crusades.

i'd like to recapture some aspects of the feel and the style of those adventures and of the OSR gaming (for instance players' skills and wits along and over characters' features, and rulings over rules, in some cases) blending them with more modern rulesets, which I prefer.

Two of the best adventures of BECMI era which I'd like to run again are "The Curseof Xanathon" and, above all, "THE CROWN OF ANCIENT GLORY", an adventure which I really adore, and that is very dear and close to my mind, memory and heart, both for gaming and personal/emotional reasons.

Personally, I don't like the lethality of the earlier adventures and rulesets. Neither do I like he extreme power of PCs in more modern games, but Pathfinder 2e and Level Up! Advanced Fifth Edition, and also Dungeons & Dragons 5e, with some optional rule from the DMG, all hit my personal sweet spot. Personal preference, of course.
Happy life and happy gaming!
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