Which die do you use the most?

Which die do you use the most?

  • d4

    Votes: 8 2.8%
  • d6

    Votes: 130 45.1%
  • d8

    Votes: 46 16.0%
  • d10

    Votes: 26 9.0%
  • d12

    Votes: 8 2.8%
  • *Other

    Votes: 70 24.3%

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d6. Most common die for damage spells for my wizard, and damage die for my greatsword wielding barbarian.

Next in line is the d8 for longbow and longsword damage.


Doctor Bomb

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d% or d1000 for me. Yeah, I use the d10s for that, but not as d10s. Sort of different. After that it's gotta be my d24 (because BBEG's deserve the title.)


I DM, so pretty close on all d4-d8, really. In a pinch, I'd have to say that I have a tendency to pick critters that are heavy on d8's, though.


Currently its the d4, as my current character is running around with daggers, lt. pick, lt hammer, and is a ranger and those are light weapons. But in the past its been d6s d8s and d10. Alas the lonely d12 barely gets rolled.


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d10 largely because of concealment. For a party called the Undying Flame(named after an everburning candle no less), my players sure run around in the dark....a lot.


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I think for non-GMs, it's all about what class you play. Rogues, wizards and sorcerors are going to use D6 more; bards, clerics and druids are going to use D8 more.

Omitting D20s, the dice rolled most frequently will be the damage you inflict. Almost all damage-causing arcane spells deal damage with D6s, whereas divine spells use a wider variety of damage dice. When it comes to weapon damage, rogues naturally tilt towards D6 thanks to sneak attack damage; in addition, most weapons oriented towards rogues and wizards tend to do D6 damage whereas bards, clerics, druids and sorcerors are more likely to end up with weapons that do D8.

When it comes to barbarians, fighters, rangers and paladins, too much hinges on weapon and shield choice to generalize about the class. Obviously, shielded characters (and rangers who take the melee progression) of these classes are much more likely to use D6s or D8s than those who do not use shields.
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D4, loads of magic missiles! Still think this is THE spell. Fireballs are just too flashy, MM's just keep on going.



hmmm.... as a dm I use the d8 most.....d6 is a very close second....maybe first....now I'm going to have to tally next game session.....thanks a lot, that's just one more thing I have to do..... :p


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Depends on what I'm playing...

DnD: D20 obviously (not D6 as so far I haven't played a spellcaster yet)
WFRP: D100
L5R & 7th Sea: Lotsa D10

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