D&D 5E Which would you play next? (pretend you're in my game)

Which would you pick to play next?

  • Continue with current campaign in "West Marches" phase

    Votes: 20 28.2%
  • Temple of Elemental Evil

    Votes: 14 19.7%
  • Shadow of the Dragon Queen

    Votes: 18 25.4%
  • BECMI / Gamma World

    Votes: 16 22.5%
  • None of these appeal to me and I'd sit out

    Votes: 3 4.2%

  • Poll closed .


I voted "palate cleanser." Your group has been in this campaign for a while - try something different and not jump into another long term campaign. Maybe give another player the reigns to DM a bit?

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I voted "palate cleanser." Your group has been in this campaign for a while - try something different and not jump into another long term campaign. Maybe give another player the reigns to DM a bit?

One of the players in the group has been running some one-offs to get used to DMing (but this campaign was his first ever experience with D&D, so he is taking his time before starting up something long term). Plus I love running, so am always gonna run something. As I said in one of my infamous poll threads, I have never experienced "DM burnout."

On New Year's Eve, my local D&D group completed U3 - The Final Enemy (from Ghosts of Saltmarsh), bringing to a close the main plot arc of the campaign after playing for in this campaign for 44 sessions over 3 years.

As I had mentioned to them early on, having arrived at this point I gave them four choices as to what I was willing to run next for them.

Option One: Continue with this 5E Campaign with a more sandbox approach
There are quite a number of loose threads remaining in the game (are giants planning an attack on the world of the free peoples? does the clown wizard Jocose really have legendary weapons in his death maze? who is the mysterious figure known as "grandmother" who has given them aid in the past? Is there really a secret city of long though extinct orcs in The World Below?) and I have a ton of plans for what they could play through, but in this phase of the campaign rather than the flowchart structure of adventures I designed for beginning players, they would tell me where they want to go and what they want to follow up on and I would prep that and we'd take it from there. EDIT: They'd keep the characters they already have.

Option Two: Revised Temple of Elemental for 5E
Create new characters in the same setting, but in a different part of the republic with a new series of adventures based on ToEE. This game would have a chance of merging with the first campaign once it reaches about the same level as the first - allowing for players to choose between characters to bring to adventures, or return to old plot points, etc.

Option Three: Shadow of the Dragon Queen (5E)
I have never run a game in Krynn, but have long wanted to adapt the original DL adventures to be played through by characters created by the players. However, I realized that 1. that would be a lot of work to prepare and 2. this group might not be best for the heavy RP approach I imagined for re-doing the original arc. Thus, this ready-made version of adventures in Krynn set during the War of the Lance but not requiring knowledge of the setting would be a better choice.

Option Four: Something Old
Lastly, I offered something non-5E: Either BECMI or Gamma World as an experiment and something to cleanse the palate with the caveat that if I or most of the group was not into it, we could switch to one of the other options.

So from among these four, if you were a player in my game, which would you pick?
All sound like decent options, but personally I'd pick Shadow of the Dragon Queen, but I love to start a new character!


After 3 years I may want to change characters. I ran the PotA elemental evil book, but not the actual ToEE or the Goodman revised ToEE. It was fine but the players got bored towered the end fighting so many cultists. I would like to play in the Goodman ToEE or a revised one you modify.


I voted ToEE because I am doing something similar and the way various campaigns in my campaign world have crossed threads have been cool and players have really enjoyed that aspect a lot.

You could combine these ideas, and run Temple of Elemental Evil (adapted to 5e) as a follow-on to your current campaign; or transport the party to Gamma World, as suggested in the 1st edition DMG. Bonus points if they also visit Boot Hill.

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