White Plume Mountain in Storm King's Thunder


Spoiler Alert. Duh.

I've been running Storm King's Thunder since January. (If you're curious, check out my posts on it elsewhere in the forum. It's mostly been set between Luskan and Icewind Dale.) I'm not in love with the "raid the burial mounds" section. Or, at least, I feel like this part could be way cooler. In particular, I'm thinking about making at least one of the "raids" be on White Plume Mountain (maybe I'll make it just one raid). I DM'd a party through WPM back in high school and I'm looking forward to doing it again.

Has anyone else done this? Any thoughts or suggestions?
I dropped WPM into an ongoing campaign, with the three McGuffins replaced with things relevant to the plot, if that is what you mean. I have no specific knowledge of SKT though.

If you want to know my thoughts on running the TftYP version of this adventure, I would say that changes to monsters have left the difficulty rather uneven, with the encounter with two effreet at the end, when the party is likely to be depleted, a real stinker. It's also a difficult adventure to take completely seriously, if you are aiming for a serious tone.
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Totally agree. The adventure is bonkers. But in a fun way and I don't mind the occasional departure from the typical grimness of my campaigns.