D&D 5E Tomb of Horrible Annihilation in Storm Kings Thunder's Cthulhu


I'm DMing a group through Storm King's Thunder. They followed up on the Artus Cimber quest and instead of making it a dead end, I decided to let them pursue him down to Chult. So now I'm running a modified Tomb of Annihilation.

There's no Death Curse. The party is trying to find Artus Cimber who disappeared into the jungle one year earlier. So they are trying to figure out why Cimber came to Chult, where he went, and what happened to him. In my story, he found out what happened to Mezro and decided to go after Ras Nsi. He failed and is now a captive in the Fane of the Night Serpent.

Although it was not my intention, the whole thing is taken on a very Call of Cthulhu vibe. Pursuing the path of a vanished investigator. They are now trying to find out what happened that left Chult such a wasteland. Why are there no temples to Chultan gods in Port Nyanzaru? Why are there so many undead in the jungle?

Curious to see where this goes. If you have any suggestions on how to amp up this horror flavor, drop a comment.
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