Who Can Make Battlemat Books?


Starship Cartographer
I make starship deckplan posters and am interested in converting some of them to book form. I'd like to get in contact with a company that can make something like those beautiful "Giant Book of Battle Mats" that Loke puts out (really big, sturdy pages, lay-flat spine, maybe dry-erase, etc). Any ideas where I could get started with some inquires? I see the Loke books are "Made it China", but that doesn't narrow it down much.

Any help is much appreciated.

~Ryan Wolfe

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Starship Cartographer
That was my first thought, but they have not responded. They probably think I'd be competition (I wish!).


I crit!
I imagine any printer could do it. To varying degrees if quality.

In fact I’d like to see more Kickstarters offer it, for instance.

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