Who is the most well known character to you? (Conan, Drizzt, Elric, Geralt)

Who have you heard of/know?

  • Conan the (Barbarian, Destroyer, Slayer, etc...)

    Votes: 81 91.0%
  • Drizzt Do'Urden

    Votes: 45 50.6%
  • Elric the White Wolf

    Votes: 43 48.3%
  • Geralt of Rivia

    Votes: 20 22.5%
  • I know none of these, I shall Google them!

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Staff member
Oh yes, I can definitely see gamers under 30-35 not knowing Elric. Didn't really make the cross-generational jump.

Not knowing Geralt was the one surprising to me, but I guess the Venn diagram between TTRPGers and PC gamers has less overlap than I assumed.

I have computer games, but none since the days of Ultima III, Wateland or the like would be considered RPGs.


Staff member
Voted “Elric”, just noticed this may be a multiple choice poll.



That much I did!

That is alright. The topic title I wrote is a bit confusing, as it makes it seem like you should only choose one character. But in the body of my text I explain how people can choose more than one. I didn't realize the error of my topic title until after I posted the thread. So I attribute some of the voting discrepancy toward that.

Now only if we could go back and edit our votes!


Victoria Rules
I know of Conan, Elric and (it shames me to admit it) Drizz't; but have never read anything involving any of those characters even though I come from an era where it would make sense that I had.

Geralt? Who or what is that? Never heard of it before reading this thread.


Eternal Champion
I know of Conan and Elric; perhaps Conan slightly more. I’ve read a reasonable amount of REH and Moorcock but there’s a whole host of similar characters that I’d think of in a similar light (just look at 1E DMG Appendix N for most of them).

I’ve heard of Drizz’t and Geralt but, based on what I’ve heard, I’ve no interest in knowing more about them.

I’m not sure what the poll is seeking to ascertain but I can see the answers would correlate with age, when someone started gaming, preferred style of play, etc, etc.


I think DA and I are around the same age; like him, I’m comfortably familiar with Elric and Conan, have avoided the Drizzt stuff, and while I knew there was a game called Witcher, had never known the character’s name or anything about the game. Ive never been much into crpgs.

Jacob Lewis

Ye Olde GM
Not familiar with the last one, except the name and which video game he is associated with. But for the other three of this painfully narrow list... Your summation limited to how tough they are and what weapon they used.

So big sword, twin swords, and life-stealing sword?

How about Cimmeria, Menzoberrenzan, and Melnibone?

Or Red Sonja, Zaknafein, and Cymoril? See if you can find the connection.

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (of Lankhmar in Newton) had a lot of influence on original D&D, and originated the actual term "sword & sorcery". Also, Sheelba and Ningauble. Or Graywand, Scalpel, and Cat's Claw.

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