D&D General Who is your favorite NPC (not a god)?

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From D&D adventures and rulebooks? Emirkol (just the image evoked a lot of imagination and we fleshed him out in one of our campaigns long ago). Kitiara. Keraptis (looks at title 😉)

From D&D lore in general? Minsc. Gord. Warduke.

Back in the day, I enjoyed playing Elaith Craulnober as a foil for the party. Other than that, it’s got to be Warduke. For originating as a toy, it's hard to argue with that iconic look.

I also feel like Otik, the owner of the Inn of the Last Home, deserves a mention. After all, I’m still making his spiced potatoes dish, all these years later.


Hard to say. My favorites from lore (Tenser, Gord the Rogue, etc.) would have been considered PCs at some point. I'd probably go with Volo from the Realms, because I'm pretty sure no one would have ever considered him a PC at any point.


Malenn of Mitra. Warlord Yusan. Namelin Bronze, King of Neo-Nerath. Lady Meda of Thusia.

Yusan & Namelin are technically official Wilderlands NPCs, but basically these are all from my own Wilderlands campaign.

Edit: If I had to pick an official NPC, I've had a lot of fun with Sheila Heidmarch, Pathfinder Venture Captain of Magnimar.

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