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Who remembers "Exile" or the "Null-Foundation"?


The Laughing One
8-10 years ago there was a website that was run by the null-foundation, it was for a game called EXILE. It started with this:
Dear Madam or Sir,

The Immigration and Census council of the Hegemony regrets to inform you that you have been selected for Relocation. We urge you to embrace this fact as an opportunity to achieve greater advancement in your life. Though life is certainly pleasurable here in Trinary, we have the utmost confidence that you will find success beyond this system.

Please understand that we will make every attempt to make your transition from this world as smooth as possible. There have been resources set aside for your use, in the event that your cognate or syndics cannot or will not provide for you. All Hegemonic authorities are instructed to offer you assistance, and we will provide free cold sleep passage to Terminus if you cannot or do not make other arrangements.

You have until the last day of the New Year to complete your preparations and emigrate. If you have not left the surface of this world by midnight the Praexor Guard will be instructed to escort you bodily from this world without your possessions. Please note that in over 1000 years no one has escaped our vigilant eyes, and you shall not be the first.

You must understand that you can never return to Trinary.

Thank you for your cooperation and compliance in this process.

Respectfully Yours,
Zolan Dian Lex, High Censor
Chief Coordinator of Exiles
Overall it was a very interesting concept and the setting looked like fun, then it dropped from the face of the earth...
It's primairy creator was Mark Rein•Hagen (also known for his work for white wolf), i tried contacting the man, but he's a difficult man to contact...
I personally think it would make a great D20 Future setting.

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I've still got my printed Exile preview from GenCon -- a very neat idea for a game.

If I understand correctly elements of the world were the basis for the Z-G action figure game.


The Laughing One
philreed said:
I've still got my printed Exile preview from GenCon -- a very neat idea for a game.
Is that just a bare print out of the rtf file from the website? Or has it been layed out (with art)?


Cergorach said:
Is that just a bare print out of the rtf file from the website? Or has it been layed out (with art)?
There's artwork (sketches). It's just photocopied pages, though.


Used to have this

No clue where the file is or the old print out
But I did have it years ago


Andrew Kelly1

First Post
I have the entire site print out on my shelf in a binder. A friend of mine gave it to me as files on a disk and i had access to a laser printer. Lost the disk but managed to hang on to the binder.


My first post on this forum and already filled with salt:)

This is the game that was imho killed in the cradle. It had one heck of a cool concept and setting, unfortunatly not really fleshed out. The Starting point; Trinary is described yes but not the Grange itself where were supposed to play. I see it as a raver/firely mix up with a mix of star gate worlds thrown in. But thats only my assumption. We got Aeon trinity instead of it so we have something really good for this loss but i would like to get some more lore on this setting. I would like to see it live, a fanbook expansion or a collection of adventure ideas.

Unfortunately it look like a project that will never be picked up again. The raver scene never really took off or became big. Same can be said for this rpg.
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Sounds very much like the opening to Spiderweb games classic 'Exile' cRPG series, except with exiles getting shipped off to space rather than the under world.

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