D&D 5E Who wrote Lost Mine of Phandelver?

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I believe it was Rich Baker and Chris Perkins. There's a list of credits somewhere in the Starter Set, though I forget exactly where; will check when I get home tonight.

Here's hoping those guys team up again. I really like this adventure.
Word. Honestly, it's a really strong adventure and likely to become a classic. I think it's much better than Hoard of the Dragon Queen. (Rise of Tiamat is a big improvement, though.) I'm optimistic for Rich Baker's spring AP.


I love the adventure and I think for a starter set, it's one of the best adventures to showcase the game. I do, however, think that in trying to show new players the fun of finding magical items that affect your character, they included too many and it sets an unrealistic expectation that magical items are that abundant in the game. I think the adventure is an anomaly in term of magic item frequency compared to other published adventures. I actually don't think it should be Adventurer's League legal.

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