D&D 5E Why my friends hate talking to me about 5e.

James Gasik

We don't talk about Pun-Pun
Ugh, no hirelings. I have enough moving parts to worry about without secondary characters or allied NPC's. I made that mistake a few times before, and regretted it.

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I wonder sometime if a designer could try a D&D where the HP pool is smaller, damage higher but healing magic is more powerful and useful in and out of combat (maybe caped by a Healing Surge numbers or whatnot). A system where HP is really only your stamina reserve to defend yourself and once you hit 0 hp, it is because you've taken a gut shot and you are bleeding out, and then Health recovery magic of higher level is needed.

Evidently this is a system where the support/buffer role is kinda necessary, but with the number of players available now, I dont think it would lead to someone be ''forced'' to be a cleric, even more so if you give choice of many support class like cleric/bard/artificer/warlord.

Kind of a BECMI/BX design with a 4e mentality and 5e maths.
Where can I buy this lol?

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