Wichita KS convention - TsunamiCon Kickstarter needs last minute support

My friend Erik Carl has organized the TsunamiCon Gaming Convention in Wichita, KS for the past five years, and he's running a Kickstarter campaign to pay for venue costs for this year's con, which runs from October 18 - 20. There isn't the hugest RPG scene in Kansas, and TsunamiCon is a great way to keep the hobby in the public awareness, and to connect roleplayers who might not have the same options many of us take for granted in larger cities.

The KS campaign comes to an end at 9PM Central Time, tomorrow, July 12. And Erik is just $300 shy of his goal.

If you're anywhere near Wichita, as either a gamer or a vendor, please consider attending. And if you're not, and my appeal reminded you of a time when you wished you could go to a convention but there wasn't one within reach, perhaps when you were a young dice-chucker, naive to the cold indifference of the world, maybe recapture that childlike innocence by pledging a few bucks to help the dreams of other gamers come true.

Good gaming.


P.S., the con's name comes from, I believe, the dual joke that a) Kansas is nowhere near the ocean so why not be nonsensical, and b) after prismatic spray and wall, the 9th level spell should've been prismatic tsunami, a wall that looks like a wave and crashes toward your enemies at high speed.