Podcast Wind Words: a podcast about gaming in Glorantha


Did you ever think your commute could have more RuneQuest or HeroQuest news in it? Did you ever wish you could cook dinner while listening to theories about Gloranthan world-building? Did you ever go to the gym and figure you could make it less painful by having some soothing multi-culturally accented God Learners in your ears?

Well, fear not! Or maybe do! We are here to announce the very first (to our knowledge) discussion podcast about Gloranthan gaming! It’s called “Wind Words”, and you will find it here on the interwebs.


Right now, only Episode 1 is out. In it, after a bit of introductory ramblings, we talk about recent Gloranthan gaming news, do a bit of speculation based on some rumours we’ve heard, and talk about how GMs can introduce Glorantha to new unsuspecting players. This episode is a bit longer than our target duration due to its inaugural nature: for the next episodes, we will be aiming for a monthly cadence of episodes below 60 minutes.

Please feel free to enjoy our untrained voices in small chunks, as you go about your daily activities, but more importantly make sure to subscribe to our podcast using an appropriate application.

We look forward to hearing from you (here's how to contact us). If all goes well, episode 2 will drop early April!


Our intrepid explorers from episode one have entered a new course full of quicksand, dodging f-bombs and mutual throttling, to bring you the second attempt at sharing our thoughts on playing in or learning about Glorantha!

Find yourself in one of the most iconic places to set off into adventure, the city of Pavis. We are taking a look at an almost everyday situation in the market, and what could arise from that.

Before we get there, we are going to wade through news and rumors, and let’s all rejoice in the fact that we do have monthly news items for Glorantha these days! :)

Find all this in Episode 2: Scenes from a Market (Pavis Edition).