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Wired Magazine Article: How Therapists are using TTRPG's to help people

Art Waring

Here is an interesting article I stumbled across. Therapists are looking into using role playing games to develop new therapy techniques.

Wired.com Therapy and TTRPG's

It reminded me of an older article I read years ago about how TTRPG's have also helped individuals who are incarcerated.

San Quentin Radio: D&D An article about how D&D breaks down social barriers inside prisons.

And It seems they are trying to make a documentary about D&D in prisons. The kickstarter didn't get enough backers but they are hoping for a relaunch.

"Its not how you play the game, but why you play the game."

The capabilities for therapy, rehabilitation, and reintegration into society are all elements that to me are pretty significantly positive for TTRPG's. Here is something that made my day a little better, and hopefully yours too. <3

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Blue Orange

Gone to Texas
Yeah, role-playing is a common therapy technique ("when this person is mean to you, what would you do?") so it makes sense a generation of therapists that grew up playing them would try to incorporate them.

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