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Witcher RPG

I've searched the internet, but have found very little about this RPG. To tell you the truth, with the popularity of the game, the books and the new Netflix series coming out, I thought there would be more discussion. At least a website dedicated to the game's development. But, other than a paragraph or two of updates every four or five months, I've seen nothing. Am I just being blind? Any points in the right direction would be appreciated.
Can't stand replying to myself, but figured I should since I just found out they will be at GenCon. They are running five or six games. Good to hear.
Yeah, there doesn’t seem to be much information, and it’s been under development for at least three years, including at least one delay, which points to the possibility of vaporware. But R. Talsorian Games is a company with a proven track record, so maybe not.

Unless you’re talking about the Polish RPG based on the books. Which has the very 90s design of using a photo for the cover: