Wizard Avatars


Could some kind (and not too busy) person list the available wizard avatars by name/number? Besides the "wizard" avatar at the end of the list that is. I'm not at all found of the one at the end of the list.

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hmm, well if you had someone in mind and knew of an illustration, say from Dragon Magazine ... cough ... I might be able to send you a little something and you could upload a custom one ...

Mother Love

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Honey child, I can't see my baby boy Morrus taking the time to sort all those pictures. He'd be there for months.

Just get yourself a cable modem and look through them all.


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You don't need a cable modem... just the patience to wait for about 10 minutes while the files all load.
IIRC, a big list of the avatars can be found in user cp > Edit Options, the clicking on the More Info link under the Avatars heading.
My advice is to just search for a custom avatar... you'll find one you like somewhere, I'm sure.

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