ZEITGEIST WOIN availability (and a general OLD question)


I've been running Zeitgeist in 5e for a while now, and we've got some sessions coming up where we'll be down quite a few players - holiday season, and all that. I'm thinking of running a one-shot for a bit instead, and considered it might be a good time for Crypta Hereticarum. But I've also been eyeing WOIN lately, and thought it might be a two-birds-with-one-stone situation.

I believe you're currently releasing the adventure piece by piece for WOIN, but while I'm a subscriber to EN5ider patreon, I haven't done the WOIN one (since we're not playing it.) So... where's that one at, at the moment? Is that adventure ready?

Also, I've been trying to figure out what's going on with the system. It looks like OLD is getting a new version soon? I'm not entirely sure what the newest thing to buy is, as far as the core book...


With the new version of WOIN I was wondering if there were plans for a version of Zeitgeist? I see the first module seems to have a version?

The campaign world seemed to be a good fit for the system (by design, I’m sure)
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Well, that was fun
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As mentioned, it’s only being released for 5E. Sorry!

(There is a stand-alone WOIN RPG coming though)