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Sometimes people ask what WOIN's core mechanic is. This is a brief description.

The WOIN (rhymes with coin) core mechanic is very simple. Everything in the game hinges off it. Here it is:


You have some attribute dice pools and some skill dice pools.

To make a check you add an attribute dice pool to a skill dice pool and beat a target number. This is called an attribute check.


  • To climb a wall you might roll AGI (3d6) plus climbing (2d6) = 5d6.
  • To shoot a goblin you might roll AGI (3d6) plus bows (1d6) = 4d6.
  • To bluff a guard you might roll CHA (2d6) plus bluffing (2d6) = 4d6.
That's basically it. You can combine any attribute with any skill. Super simple! It's very flexible, so you can have some interesting combinations.

You might get additional dice from high quality equipment or circumstantial bonuses, or you might lose dice from complications. But that's basically the game.


You choose five careers (you can repeat them or choose new ones) to create your character's background. Each time you choose a career it gives you:

  • Attribute increases
  • Skill increases
  • An exploit (special ability)
Magic (only available in some settings) uses your MAG attribute plus some magic skills to make an attribute check. You have Magic Points to spend on spells. You invent your spells on the fly by selecting a skill (like abjure, evoke, create, displace, etc.) and a noun (like beasts, fire, water, undead, etc.) For example:

  • Abjure Undead to turn a wraith.
  • Evoke Fire to throw a fireball.
  • Enchant Beast to charm a wolf.
The Magic Point cost of the spell depends on its range, area, duration, etc.
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