WOIN WOIN Modern Excel-Based Character Sheet



I'm trying to get an idea of how much interest there might be in a Modern Core WOIN character sheet. Is there anyone here that would like to use one? Are there character sheets available form another source that I'm not aware of?


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Hmmm... well, Windows didn't like running that unrecognized file, so I guess I'll have to start from scratch.

That's OK though - it's not my first rodeo. I put something together for the Star Trek Adventures RPG for the lifepath character creation system, and it turned out pretty well, but wasn't widely adopted (that I know of).

Here's hoping that it turns out to help the community at least a little bit. I'll post updates as I get working on it.


Reviving this topic to ask the following question:

I've been making the excel character sheet generator, and I'm wondering where I should draw the line in terms of helping the player with character creation vs. respecting the intellectual property in the books (i.e. not including all exploits/backgrounds/etc.) and leaving blanks for the player to fill in themselves. Where do you guys, and the designer, who frequents this forum, think that I should draw the line?


Add the Open Gaming License and only include content from sources released under the OGL (which I believe is all of core books and EONS...). Then you can include all the lists or text you want. :-D Just create a sheet with the license on it, with a disclaimer at the top like "this character creation Excel sheet is released under the terms of the Open Gaming License included below. What's OLD is NEW, WOIN, O.L.D., N.O.W., and N.E.W. are copyright ENPublishing."

At the end of the OGL, in section 15 add;

Open Game License v 1.0a Copyright 2000, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
What’s O.L.D. is N.E.W. Rules Reference Document (WRRD) by Russ Morrissey. Copyright 2015 EN Publishing. More info at www.woinrpg.com.
WOIN Excel Character Sheet (or whatever name you call it) Copyright 2018, {author and/or company name}

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