WOIN WOIN Supplements - Is art required?


Howdy all,

I've been prepping for a N.E.W. game that I plan to run in a few months, and I couldn't help but notice that there is a real dearth of N.E.W. careers that boost Strength, Endurance, Willpower, and Logic. Naturally, I decided to start writing my own material.

I've already got about 20 unique careers with skills, stat boosts, and exploits all finished, and I was wondering whether people would be interested in buying such a supplement. If so, do I need to hire artists to spice it up, or would the material be sufficient on its own?


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If you want to give it away to people, anything is appreciated. But if you want to sell it, it must feel like a finished product. Use images that could incapsulate some of the main ideas of your work, with that, people will take more notice of it.


Artstation is visual crack. The optical equivalent of TV Tropes for me -- click through with caution (or at least, set a timer!)

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