WOIN (WOIN) Village/town/realm/colony management

My players have been promised a small fief in return for lending aid during the campaigns of an elf princeling. Which left me pondering over how I could succesfully set up a system that was both lightweight and would allow players to manage an evolving townhold.

what i've arrived at is mostly centered around the same principle as wilderness traveling - each town has functionary slots that need to be filled by competent people who must do monthly checks in their field of expertise - guildmaster, watch captain, town apothecary, ...

If they succeed, the players can earn taxation, build a few buildings I snooped out of ASoIaF, and otherwise invest in their realm. tackling Bandit problems, escorting merchants and prospectors are other options to improve the realm. Once checks start failing, malfortune can hit the town in the form of failed harvests, ilness, reduced PC popularity, ... using random D66 tables.

As if it was a sort of game entity, the townhold or fief has stats like prosperity, health, hapiness, lawfulness and trade/resources that are affected by all of the above.

But I'm left sucking my pencil pensively looking over my rule notes. Does anyone here have a good, proven town management system that allows some depth and variety, or does anyone know of games that have something useable for WOIN?

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The section on PC Factions in Stars Without Number might be a good place to look. And I've heard others talk about Companies in the Reign RPG by Greg Stolze. I haven't had a chance to read through those rules but, based on the reviews I've read, it might offer some ideas.

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