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Wonko the Sane

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Version Notes
1.2: First public release
1.21: Fixed some formatting errors
1.22: Updated with current errata as of 02 JUL 08
1.23: Fixed problem with Rogue daily powers between levels 5 and 8. Added key for common named ranges.
1.24: Fixed problem with Paladin Paragon Paths not displaying in the drop-down and added "No Shield" to the Shield drop-down.
1.25: Added feat selection drop-downs and fixed a couple of typos.
1.26: Added feat descriptions and coded non-situational bonuses for same; added Armor and Weapon proficiency
1.27: Fixed Armor Proficiency-related circular reference; added Magic Items and coded non-situational bonuses for same; added hyperlinks to different tabs from character sheet; added Party Treasure worksheet
1.28: Fixed Armor Proficiency. Again. For sure this time.; added Rituals; added drop-down for At-Will powers under "Basic Attacks"; added Point Buy; added Eladrin bonus to Will defense and Human bonus to Fort, Ref, and Will; added racial skill bonuses; automatically sets current XP when creating characters above 1st level; added deities drop-down; auto-populate size based on race; added gender and alignment drop-downs; fixed hand slot items that grant a bonus to Thievery checks; changed how magic armor is selected; added Human ability score bonus.
1.29: Added paragon path abilities and coded non-situational bonuses/abilities; fixed weapon proficiency when using a magic weapon; fixed Point Buy
1.30: Added epic destinies and multiclassing. (Note: Multiclassing requires occasionally having to change the character's class in the "Class" drop-down in order to select powers from a different class. Keep an eye on the right-hand side of the character worksheet for yellow cells, too.); added room for more feats; removed character portrait area
1.31: Added Monster Manual races; added damage bonus for versatile weapons; added large weapons; fixed formatting on Powers tabs; fixed treasure sheet
1.32: Mostly bug fixes: Unlocked magic armor cell; longswords & pact blades work as implements for Wizards of the Spiral Tower and warlocks, respectively; versatile weapons cannot be used two-handed while a shield is equipped; fixed encounter drop-downs; fixed Sly Flourish to display correctly; fixed ranger paragon path drop-down.
1.33: Armor & shield proficiencies (bane of my existence) fixed. I think.; fixed Hunter's Quarry for Warrior of the Wild; thrown weapons can now use ranged weapon enchantments; fixed At-Will powers under Basic Attacks; changed class/racial/multiclass skill selection method
1.34: A few typo fixes; started Race drop-down at PHB races; unlocked cells that are supposed to be user-editable; fixed display of At-Will power attack bonus and damage under Basic Attacks
1.35: Fixed deities drop-down; fixed At-Will abilities for human warlocks
1.36: The check boxes are easier to check off - this meant a necessary change back to the .xlsm file format, but I think it's worth it
1.37: Added Dex modifier to ranged weapon damage; added tiefling racial features and skill bonuses; fixed criticals for magic weapons that use dice besides d6's for bonus damage; fixed class features for paragon paths and epic destinies; Ranger bonus feat for weapon style and Ritual Caster for Clerics and Wizards auto-populates; kludged in magical staves as weapons (rough fix, but it works); broke out racial, item, and feat bonuses to defense scores; moved weapon & armor proficiencies to page 2 of the character sheet; fixed print formatting for power cards, etc.; moved all Ritual cards to one sheet
1.38: Added Criticals to Power cards; Added Hellfire Blood and Astral Fire, etc. bonuses to power attack & damage results; Weapon Focus, Dwarven Weapon Focus, and Eladrin Soldier now add their bonuses to power attack/damage; fixed Ranger armor proficiencies; Armor Proficiency (X) now required to take Armor Specialization (X); added email link (at top of Instructions page)
1.39: Fixed problem with Armor Proficiencies; fixed problem with power cards not displaying due to quirks in the critical damage expressions; fixed email link so that it actually works as an email link now; fixed War Priest Daily, Encounter, and Utility drop-downs; added warforged saving throw note; fixed Bracers of Mighty Striking/Perfect Shot damage bonuses; fixed problem with magic items without a enhancement bonus not printing correctly on the cards; added field for current HP
1.40: Fixed armor enchantments not adding bonuses to skills; fixed Half-Elf Dilettante power selection drop-down; added Warlord's initiative bonus to character's initiative modifier if the character is a Warlord; fixed Tactical Presence card if Tactical Assault is taken as a feat; automatic selection of trained skills when taking Arcane Initiate or Sneak of Shadows; fixed Rogue powers using light thrown weapons; added snarky comment for when the character dies; fixed error in Piercing Strike; added Maximum Load display
1.41: Fixed multiclass clerics' usage of Healing Word; fixed Nimble Strike and other powers' attack and damage display; fixed computation of hit points; fixed AC bonus for godplate et. al.; added resistances from items; included Gauntlets of the Ram effect where applicable; made Combat sheet operational (see Instructions); fixed ranged weapon drop-down to include thrown magical weapons; added epic destiny utilities to drop-down; fixed Force the Battle damage display; automated level-based ability bonuses; Dragonborn Senses now grants low-light vision; fixed Staff Mastery AC bonus not adding; fixed attack bonus for heavy thrown weapons when used in a power that specifies a Dexterity-based attack; fixed Tactical Assault/Tactical Presence bug; added effect for Viper's Strike; rewrote Instructions
1.42: Unlocked some cells on the Combat sheet that should not have ever been locked in the first place; fixed display of At-Will powers on the character sheet; added error notice if level-based ability bonuses are applied to the same ability score; added "Shield Equipped" check box to Combat sheet
1.43: Durable feat now adds to healing surges per day; Dragonborn's Dragonborn Fury ability adds +1 to attack rolls when bloodied, amongst other changes relevant to the "bloodied" condition; numerous and sundry bug fixes; changed the hit points/healing/damage section to accurately reflect the way healing, etc. works when below 0 HP; Rev B: unlock appropriate cells on Combat sheet so macros could function, removed pictures on buttons to shrink filesize
1.44: Miscellaneous bug fixes that I'm too lazy to catalogue; Rev A: Fully implemented Adventurer's Vault armor section; Rev B: Added AV weapons, consumables and Holy Symbols, more bug fixes; Rev C: Added Mount tab, added AV mount items, Feet slot items, and rods; Rev D: Added AV wondrous items, waist slot items, and rings; Rev E: Added AV neck slot items, more bug fixes; Rev F: Bug fixes, added AV magic weapons, head, and waist slot items ; Rev G: added AV Hand slot items, added importing feature; Rev H: added AV orbs, staves, and companion items (companions aren't coming until Martial Power is added though) - Adventurer's Vault completed! (Thanks Mr. Bob!)
1.45: Rev A: A few minor bug fixes; Added FR Player's Guide material; Fixed "white space" in several drop-down lists; Rev A.2: Fixed Paragon path and Chosen powers not displaying in drop-downs; fixed Implement selection drop-down; Extra Manifestation can be taken multiple times; fixed Dragon Breath; fixed Swordmage Implement implementation (say that 5 times fast); Rev 3: miscellaneous and sundry bug fixes; Rev 4: more implement problems, Skill focus fixed, automatic feats and importing of same fixed; Rev 5: fixed display or swordmage at-will powers under Basic Attacks; yet another Implement fix; Rev 6: some more minor bugs & typos corrected
1.46: Rev A.1: Added Martial Power content, more bug fixes; A.2: fixed protected cell error in Import; A.3: fixed Improved Inspiring Word and Adaptive Stratagem; A.4: Fixed Class defense bonus being added twice on Combat tab, fixed lookup problem with powers & feats that have the same name, fixed pre-requisites for Two-Blade Warrior, fixed Skill training modifiers, fixed bugs with Gnolls, fixed double weapon errors, added more slots for Powers, Magic Items, and Feats on Combat tab

For Excel 2007 only


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Any chance of an open office version?

I tried opening this in open office and after 11 minutes of waiting as the progress bar slowly crept forward, I gave up.

Wonko the Sane

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No. No chance of me doing an OO conversion whatsoever. (You did notice the red, bold font proviso "For Excel 2007 only", right?)

I hate OO; I refuse to use it. If someone wants to undertake a conversion, go right ahead. But be warned...between conditional formatting and named cell ranges all over the place, it'll be hard if not impossible to do.

Brilliant Sheet - congrat!

Do you allow for a wish-list?

1. Pls add flavour texts to the power cards (players tend to skip describing what they do without having the flavour texts at hand)

2. Pls make magic items add their bonusses to attacks/damages and powers.

Wonko the Sane

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Brilliant Sheet - congrat!

Do you allow for a wish-list?

That's the only way this thing will improve, so absolutely :)

1. Pls add flavour texts to the power cards (players tend to skip describing what they do without having the flavour texts at hand)

2. Pls make magic items add their bonusses to attacks/damages and powers.

1. There's barely enough room for the power's rules text in alot of cases, so I don't think this will happen. Just hold back 50% of their XP unless they are descriptive about their action. That'll learn 'em.

2. It adds the weapon's enhancement bonus to basic attack/damage, and all the powers I checked it with, but I didn't check every one with a fine-toothed comb. Perhaps it's the power you used. Could you be more specific about what's not adding up?


[Bug] Ranger Twin Strike


When using your character sheet, if you have a Ranger with the Twin Strike ability, and you select that as your 'power' in the Basic Attacks section, the Twin Strike fills in with the information from your primary melee weapon (correct) and your ranged weapon (incorrect).

It should be showing the information from your primary melee weapon and your secondary (off-hand) melee weapon. Can this be fixed?

Also, would you please include a link to either this thread, or just an email address for you in the "instructions" tab. I had been trying to remember where I got this sheet from and it took me *way too long* to refind you here. ;)

Until that time...

Orcus Porkus

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This is a very good sheet

I found one bug, I think.
The extra +2 damage from Dwarven Weapon Focus is not added to the damage roll on the power descriptions. I'm pretty sure that it should be added. It's not stacking with other feat bonuses...


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I found today during a gaming session the implement damage was not added in to some of the powers. Also, the damage for the "Hunter's Bear Trap" for the ranged weapon actually gives the melee damage. I think this character sheet is great! Also, is there any way to put boxes in the templates for the power cards that can show the + to hit, and damage, etc. so that players don't have to read the entire text to find out what their pluses are?


First Post
I found one bug, I think.
The extra +2 damage from Dwarven Weapon Focus is not added to the damage roll on the power descriptions. I'm pretty sure that it should be added. It's not stacking with other feat bonuses...
Bonuses do not stack. If you have two feats that grant bonuses, you gain the higher of the two, not both. His math is correct.

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