PF2 'Work In Progress' NPCs from Gamemastery Guide

Paizo has shared a page from its upcoming Pathfinder Second Edition: Gamemastery Guide. "You will have a fair selection of prebuilt NPCs to fill your world! Or maybe, have one of them become the villain? How would you tie this NPC into your story?" The book is slated for January 2020.

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Russ Morrissey



Yes, it really is a problem.

Every time I need a humanoid foe (low level scum footpads and cut-throats; a level 5:ish barbarian-y guy, the stats of a PF1 level four mercenary captain etc) I would desperately have loved it if a selection of NPCs were included right in the Bestiary. Both to save time, but mostly to provide direction and inspiration: how does Paizo intend for us to stat up these guys.

Like the NPCs in 5E's Monster Manual. They were used over and over again.

Later on, I could find individual NPCs in adventures, like Hallod, a level 4 scumbag and "NPC rogue". But I would still have preferred a good selection right in the Bestiary.

There are lots of other rules I use less they should have prioritized lower than some basic humanoid NPCs.

Not all campaigns are monster-bashing dungeon delves only.


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