D&D 5E Working with Spirit Guardians and Booming Blade


Hello everyone,
im searching the best way to use Spirit Guardians with the Bladetrips (booming blade and Green flame blade).
In the beginning i went to check everything about arcana cleric, because i though it would be easier start from a cleric that already can get the bladetrips, i even thought to get shillelagh via magic initiate for more SADness, but honestly it can give some problem with action eonomy. Everyhting seem work fine, but that 19 AC make me think he gonna use his action for dodge kinda often (probably always). So i tryed to go other way: 1 divine soul sorcerer/1 hexblade/5 divine soul sorcerer/2 hexblade/x divine soul sorcerer. In this way it grab the bladetrips, shield and absorb element spells, it become totally SAD with only CHA to bump and without affecting the action economy in any bad way, and it will get also grasp of hadar for bring back things in the SG area and devil sight (good because he is a Vhuman).

Stat are 8 str, 14 dex, 16 con, 8 int, 10 wis, 16 cha

feats: warcaster as Vhuman, than +2 cha, telekinetic (cha), fey touched (cha)

(Im considering also go for a more balanced 8, 12, 14, 8, 15, 16, as it anyway have advantage from warcaster on con saves and proficiency in con, while the HP can be growth via Aid and false life, but this mean the feats must change. warcaster, +2 cha, telekinetic (wis), +2 cha, or give up telekinetic and get resilient (wis), which way you would take?)

Impotant spells: SG and the bladetrips of course, command and edricht blast.

The action economy would be normally: turn one spirit guardians, turn two BB attack + push 5 ft far from me the target via telekinetic (or healing word, or quicken BB), if he want to attack me he must move and trigger BB additional damage, turn three comand for make they leave my menacing area and get a BB opportunity attack + quicken spell BB or again telekinetic and push a target inside SG area. If they try to leave the spirit guardian area than i have eldricht blast with grasp of hadar as a reaction that in my turn i can quicken if needed, and he can even dodge and still attack with BB as a bonus action quickening BB.

I will not grab spiritual weapon as if this guy want to deal damage with a bonus action he can just quicken BB and do better than SW.

Bonus action economy will situationally be used for healing word, telekinetic, or quicken one between BB, eldricht blast or maybe mirror image sometime.

Reactions: shield, absorb elements or BB OA.

I touhgt also about a similar build but with a lore bard, lightning lure and Spiritual Weapon, as the bard dont have sorcery points for quicken and i wont use a 2nd
lv hexblade for grasp of hadar as SG already enter larer: 1 hexblade/lore bard 6 get everything it need.

Which you do think would work better?

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