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Release World of Farland Players Guide (FG VTT)


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World of Farland Players Guide

The World of Farland is a popular, award-winning campaign setting for the 5th edition of the world's most popular RPG. Farland is a setting where evil dominates. The Lords of Sin have conquered the lands, but the forces of good have staged a rebellion. The battle rages and the world hangs in the balance. Which side will win? That's up to you and your players! This core rulebook from the World of Farland gives everything a player needs to battle the forces of evil... or to help them! The World of Farland Players Guide includes:

*New race options, including the magical Glimmer elf, the reclusive Sunder elf, the half-drow, and evil races like the Wyrmsblood kobold
*Exciting new class options, like the spell casting Rage Channeler barbarian, the Witch Slayer fighter, and the Ghost Pact warlock
*New backgrounds, like the Rebel, the Refugee, and the Former Servant of Evil
*New equipment, such as the bastard sword, and original customization options, like the new Avenger feat
*New spells, such as carpet of flame and garrote
*An original herbalism system, including herbs and concoctions
*Much more!

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