World's Largest Dungeon


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How about you give us an idea of some more specific information you're looking for.

As for me, I have no regrets whatsoever of buying this. It broke me for 2 weeks, and still had no regrets. (Darn Christmas.)

If my party dies or even finishes the WLD, I still intend to use the unexplored areas.

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Sounds like the WLD might be better for mining ideas from rather than running as one big adventure. On another note, I saw selling it for $140 (CA) !!! I'll bet they can count on one hand how many people bought that...


DM Beadle
Actually, from what I've been able to gather, its selling quite well. Well enough that the green light was given to develop Worlds Largest City, and a project like that isn't cheap to put together.

Yes, Region A had some problems, I wont rehash why here since it's been comepletely gone over in the Spoilers Thread. I rewrote the region and if you want my notes email me at

Region E and Region I play very well togther, and I put story hooks into Region A to get the players interested in contacting the Celestral Garrison in E. If you are a GM who likes to run by the seat of your pants a little, Region A isn't that hard to modify. All in all I'm very pleased wtih this purchase (it was bought from my game group's treasury) and it's served it's purpose well as a filler game when not everyone can make it for our regular campaign sessions.

smootrk said:
bump... looking for more input

Well, I'll give you another bump and a little feedback.

As someone who just killed a WLD campaign I was playing in (details here), these are my thoughts.

(1) There is a lot of repetition. Some of the levels do the same thing over and over.
(2) There is a lot of inconsistency. That's going to happen when different people write various sections of a large project.
(3) There is a lot of wonkiness. And by that, I mean things like creatures in rooms who can't use their full abilities (e.g., the 40' creature in the 30x30 room syndrome; yes that's an exaggeration--don't take it literally).

We quit playing last Monday. This weekend, I got the book from my DM (I had paid for it) and we went through parts of it together. I saw some great encounters that would be challenging & interesting (for role-playing and for combat). But I also saw a lot of encounters that wouldn't challenge (or interest) a decent party of the level the WLD says they should be for that section of the dungeon. When almost every room has "hostile" inhabitants, you're going to end up in combat 90% of the time.

If every combat really challenged the party, they'd be dead soon (since there's not always a "safe" room nearby). The covers of the seven Hacklopedia of Beasts come to mind--one by one, the PCs die (see attachments below). OK, so some combat encounters won't be at the "appropriate level" for the party. OK--but then why are they always "hostile" which (by nature) almost has to denigrate into combat? So, then we'll have to really underpower the opponents. Great--in a section for PCs level 16-18, they'll have an encounter that's ECL 10. Then, the DM has two choices: (1) run a lot of tedious combats, or (2) "hand wave" the tedious combats--which is just as silly.

I actually think that a lot of the problems with WLD are due to the fact that it went into production so quickly--and it shows. What was it--8 months from idea to publication? That's fast. Too fast, actually, for a product this large.

Now. Having said all that.

We had a blast (80% of the time). If I had everything to do over again, I would. It was money well spent when you play 15-20 sessions with a $70 product (about what I paid at And some of our sessions were long (6-8 hours).

I think the main plot behind WLD is great. And the encounters that related to that plot were the most fun to play. Even if they were only slightly related--like trying to ally with creatures in the first region, just to find a way out!

As I flipped through the book with my DM yesterday, we found an encounter with a red dragon. I actually asked him if we could just level to the "minimum" level for that section of the dungeon (we were 9th level and I think that was in the 18-20 level) and run that one encounter just for fun. He said sure. We both liked that encounter, but didn't want to wade through 20 other "lame" encounters to get there.


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I'm glad I own it, and I might even dust it off and use it someday -- but the first section bored me and it bored my group; I stopped running it after two sessions. I was looking for a low-prep campaign at the time, and after reading ahead I realized that's not what the WLD was going to be.

The more I thought about it, the more the lack of any real hooks to get the party into the dungeon bothered me. More setup would have been nice.

It's a sexy concept, and there are some very cool things in there, but be prepared to do some work making it your own (which it sounds like you're expecting).

Ds Da Man

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I think its fairly enjoyable, if not just klunky, and hard to explain. I had a hard time figuring what the hell it's about. I have taken over DMing it now, and can say, who the heck thought of this thing? I like the going in and not coming out, but hate the layout, and trying to mesh stories, and trying to keep the PCs interested! One minute your fighting goblins, the next your fighting barghest. I think I might turn it into levels vertically instead of horizontally. I also got confused just reading through it, and trying to really get people interested in it. I played a LN half-orc fighter (knight-type)(were all 5th level), and really have found it repetitive. Though, now that I'm the DM, I'll try to put some better drive into it. Overall, $100, no, I could make a big dungeon, throw lots of stuff in it, and put PCs in it myself. $50.00, yeah, I'd pay that.


I bought it.

I sold it.

If you are looking for sources to mine - there is better stuff out there. I bought it with the mindset of using the encounter areas and it just was not modular enough for me. I would not consider running a gigantic dungeon for months at a time - so I cannot comment on its usefulness there.

On the upside, it resells really well - so buy it and if you don't like it - sell it ;)

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