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WotBS - choosing a game world/ Cosmology


I just bought the subscription and I love what I'm reading. I'm hoping for some input from those who are running the campaign. I'm trying to place the campaign in a world (I don't care about geography or even existing nations from a political perspective). I'm going to say this is a remote self contained area. But that wouldn't change the influence of the gods. I would prefer to use Greyhawk because that’s what most the players in my group prefer, but I haven’t found any existing deity that fits the domains of the Inquisitor (Fire and Magic). Does anyone have any ideas on how to make it work? I've considered altering the domains of a few of the existing gods to fit the campaign. I've also considered creating an entirely new deity that the Inquisitors worship.

Thanks in advance.
What I did in the Forgotten Realms playtest was to make them heretics of Kossuth, a fire god. Or you could use the passage in the cleric class that says you can just worship an ideal.


OK -- Thread Resurection!

I was considering using the cosmology from Green Ronin's Book of the Righteous. How do you think that will fit in with the WotBS campaign world?

It's such a great book, and it also includes rules for "holy warriors" of all different alignments.

Any thoughts about this?


It is essentially a settingless cosmology, with a strong, easily adaptable story (though I would need to look closer at the implied WotBS cosmology to see how easy it will ACTUALLY be.)
All that you need for WotBS, really, is elemental spirits, and an excuse for the inquisitors. If you're willing to go with the "cleric of a philosophy" idea, that's a cinch. Oh, plus some manner of healing-oriented divinity for the Aquiline Cross.