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I thought this was interesting in light of Chris Cocks' recent comments about AI on Dicebreaker and VentureBeat, and WotC's Generative AI Art FAQ.

I certainly am no expert, and recognize there are valuable ways to use AI, but the sections about "intelligent generation of text dialog, audio, art assets" and "understanding the ethical ramifications of using AI" stood out to me.

EDIT: Update courtesy of @darjr and Christian Hoffer


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Hoffer is investigating it, and will probably get a reply tomorrow.

It sounds more like a video game and tech thing just from the top section that everyone leaves out.

We are building a central technology team to create high-value software and processes in direct support of our development teams. We are led by the belief that providing industry-leading tools, innovative technology, and excellent support allows our teams to focus on delivering outstanding player experiences first and foremost!

We’re looking for someone who believes that crafting high-value, shared technology to accelerate creation and testing of content with ML systems engineering is key to delivering high-quality player experiences. To begin building an outstanding team we are looking for a versatile and dedicated Lead Software Engineer, AI/ML. In this role, you will be the most senior engineer within the team and partner with the Technical Director to ensure all of the products at WotC are supported by our engineering efforts. You will lead this new team to explore uses of AI in game development, asset creation and automated frameworks.


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You pretty much have to have an AI team these days. Even my school has an AI team. There are a lot of issues that are affected, and a lot of knock-on effects. It's not something you can ignore.
Agreed. It's inevitable.... Gotta have plans and start using it

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