WotC Reveal Exodus, a New Video Game from the Decelopers of Mass Effect and Neverwinter Nights


New trialer just dropped at the Game Awards, with a press push, for Wizards of the Coast upcoming cider game from their Austin studio, from James Ojlwn and a bunch of other BioWare veterans. Huge Mass Effect energy here, looks cool.

"Founded in 2020 under Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast, Archetype is led by a few veterans of BioWare, the past-its-heyday studio behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and the Mass Effect trilogy. On Thursday, at The Game Awards 2023, Archetype (and Matthew McConaughey?!) revealed its RPG Exodus, complete with a lengthy cinematic trailer that sets the stage for its original sci-fi universe. Earlier in December, I spoke with executive producer Chad Robertson and executive creative director James Ohlen about returning to the RPG scene, with Exodus’ defining design concept in tow."

https://www.polygon.com/game-awards-tga/23992111/exodus-release-date-bioware-rpg-archetype .

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They have some pretty neat lore up on the official website already:

We sail on the edge of lightspeed, where time moves differently.

As each day goes by, years pass for those we leave behind.

Our service - our sacrifice - discovers worlds, seeds hope, breaks empires.


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Dunno if this is front page relevant: this is from WotC, and they have said in the past this new IP project will have tabletop tie-ins.
We have hypothesised before about the possibility of WotC releasing a SF RPG. Usually, in terms of a revival of a latent IP (Star Frontiers, Star Wars D20), but it might be easier to start with a clean slate and establish it systematically across multiple media.

It is becoming apparent that every genre has a limited shelf-life, and planning for the future WotC shouldn't keep all their eggs in the fantasy basket.

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